Catherine Cates has helped thousands of people find direction and success with her unique blend of intuition, practical knowledge and twenty-five years plus experience in the business world. Catherine started her career in corporate sales winning several awards, then advanced to manager and sales trainer. Ahead of her time in 2004, she embraced the web to found a popular parenting website.  Today she teaches the creation and inspiration process (manifesting) she used to invent this business.  

As a Certified Life Coach and Intuitive Business Consultant Catherine helps women entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals overcome objections while providing clarity and insight to identify opportunities, understand their purpose and channel their ambition to translate their dreams into reality.

Being an industry and business leader, Ms. Cates has appeared on Fox 4 “Good Day” TV show. She is a frequent guest speaker at various business and networking groups as well as an author.

In addition to coaching and consulting, Catherine is a psychic reader, Akashic Record Reader, awake empath and Light Language channeler.  In her  readings Catherine offers messages from God/Spirit to heal, counsel, empower and provide clarity. This gift is particularly powerful when combined with her coaching as she is able to offer insights from a different perspective and a higher level of clarity and knowing. 

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