Don’t take my word for it, see what these other wonderful people are saying about me:

“Thank you for the tools to make each of my dreams and beyond to come true. This is a great workshop for all.  Those who are unsure what or how to manifest and a great energy booster for those who do have knowledge on manifesting.  I left knowing I AM A POWERFUL PERSON, love it!!!” – Lauri T.

“My reading with Catherine has been very enlightening and interesting. She is very relatable and easy to talk to. Our time together was very valuable.” – Barry M.

Catherine has amazing clarity. That’s the best I can call it. When I came to her I was confused and didn’t even know why. She broke it down and made it clear to me within minutes. That truly is a gift. – P.R.

“I just had to email you after listening to your reading you gave me back in February. I have been single a while and have been impatiently waiting for someone to enter my life. You and I did a love life reading.
In the reading, you said I would meet someone out of state and he’s coming here for something and not going to be staying but when we meet we will both “know”. You kept picking up “hotel” and that he’s from Colorado and that we would meet very soon in the next few months.
So exactly 2 months later on April 4th, at my work, I stopped by my customer service desk to sign off on a paper. I turn around and there he is directly behind me next person in line. Literally, like the universe planned the whole darn thing. We held eye contact and I just thought, “holy cow, who are you and I need to get to know this man….” 

But I was in a rush, and categorized him with someone who won’t stay in my life. So I didn’t say anything and went back to my desk.

Literally, 2 minutes later, he comes up to me at my desk to ask where my associate is who was helping him. The strong energy between us or it was my guides pushing me. I just “knew” there was a connection.
I was more forward than I normally am and in small talk he asked for my number.

So fast forward, we have been on 3 dates so far! 

Here’s the fun part that you picked up in the reading!
He lives in Oklahoma (Out of state), he came to Texas (to pick up something for his store. I suggested us staying at a hotel on our date night because both had to drive an hour plus back to our houses. We tried 7 different hotels but all were full due to a big race in town AND…. He was stationed in Colorado for a few years when he was in the military.” – N.B.

​”Catherine inspires you to believe in yourself! ‘Peel the layers’ and just move forward to success!” – Terri S.

“The information (in the workshop) brought a lot of the pieces together into a whole, big picture.” – Beth

“I felt inspired to actively change my thoughts after Catherine’s workshop.  Great information. Now I’m going to go out and do it.” – V.B.

“If you the opportunity to take a class with Catherine – do so! She has an amazing calming energy and will give you a new perspective on rising to your potential.  I attended Catherine’s Manifestation Workshop thinking I had the answers. I read “The Secret.”  Now with her guidance and wisdom I do have the knowledge and plan to follow through on my dreams. She is a wonderful guide for the process. I look forward to following her on this journey.” – J.S.

“I highly recommend this course on Manifesting Money! Catherine affords new insight in a very soothing manner. Although I have read many books on this subject, I learned many new concepts from Catherine.” – A.K. 

“The Manifesting Money Workshop is like having ‘money therapy.’  Catherine really gets to the heart of the matter.” – C.S. 

“Catherine is an amazing speaker” – Megan

“The information shared was very helpful and made me realize that I can still go after my goals.” – Janet G. 

Catherine is like a laser. She hones right in on your blind spots to help you see what you’ve been missing. I thought I knew alot about myself and manifesting, until I met her. When she looks into your eyes, you are mesmerized by the energy she emits. I’ve never had a reading like hers before. – G.M.

“When you do readings, you take a person’s higher self to a place I’ve never experienced before. That was the most powerful reading I have had.” – Tracy

“I felt the love and kindness from Catherine right away. If you want to learn to change your thoughts to achieve your goals in life, take one of Catherine’s workshops or book a coaching session! There are good, kind people who truly want what’s best for you.. And Catherine is one of these people. Thank you, Catherine, for sharing your gift and teaching me.” – Bridget G., coaching client

“This Manifestation Workshop was very helpful and hit home with what I’m battling currently.” – Hana 

“Working with Catherine has been a real pleasure and great experience. She helped me stay focused on my goals and zero in on my skills to manifest these goals. She was very instrumental in helping me and reminding me that I need to stay positive in order to keep my energy flowing at a higher vibration.  Catherine is such a delight to talk to and she has been an awesome coach. If you need help honing in on your manifesting skills, Catherine is your girl. She truly is a blessing.” – Kristin C.

“Catherine is the best speaker we’ve had at our networking group and we’ve had many.” – Rose C.