Fear Based Thinking

Don’t Get Eaten by a Tiger

Most of us think about what we don’t want. Until we learn that in order to manifest, we need to focus on what we do want.

It’s not your fault if you focus on what you don’t want and you are not alone. Most of us haven’t learned any other way. When we focus on what we don’t want we are really pushing against fear. As an example, we’re afraid we’ll be alone forever so to remove that fear we want a partner. Instead of focusing on finding a partner we obsess over what we don’t want – being alone, the fear.

Worry is a form of fear.

Or we worry we’ll never make the money we want and possibly be broke. Worry is a form of fear. Instead of focusing on what we do want – financial freedom – we focus on what we don’t want – lack of money. We buy into lack which is a fear.

Focusing on what we don’t want, worry, doubt, anxiety – i.e. negative thinking – is ingrained in us. It’s a habit passed down by thousands of generations. The root of negative thinking is fear. Fear served its purpose in caveman days when we had to be on the lookout so we wouldn’t get eaten by a tiger or some other predator.

Fear is a Form of Control

As mankind became more civilized and moved into an agrarian society versus hunter gatherer we no longer needed to fear for our survival from predators as much. Yet the fear stayed in our DNA. It became part of who we are.

When we began to form communities and villages, we needed rules and acceptable behavior standards to keep order.

Eventually cooperation turned into hierarchies and control. Someone had to enforce the rules. Fear was used as a mechanism for control. Ruthless forms of punishment perpetuated fear. Fear became the norm to control society. As a result, people lived in constant fear. Their brains were in a state of fear that produced frequent fearful thoughts.

Fear is in our DNA

More than just our hair and eye color can be passed down in our DNA. We now know old beliefs and fears can be passed down through our DNA too.

When you have negative thoughts, doubt, worry etc don’t be hard on yourself. It’s part of your DNA. Your brain is wired to think that way. It was passed down through the millennia in our DNA so it literally comes as second nature to us. Oftentimes we don’t even know we’re doing it.

Now that we know fear is a control mechanism that was passed down through our DNA, we can look at it objectively and realize we don’t have to buy into the it anymore. We no longer have to think negatively. It served a purpose for thousands of years to keep us controlled by using fear. It’s who we were.

Letting Go of Fear Based Thinking

Who we are now is letting go of the fear.  Since the sacred knowledge of manifesting has become mainstream, we know in order to get what we want we have to let go of the fear. Letting go of the fear is letting go of thousands of years of control.

Are you ready to let go of fear based thinking? To release the negative thinking that holds you back?

One of the things I do as a mindset coach is help you identify your negative thinking and release it so that you can get all that you desire.


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