Allowance Key

This is another key I downloaded for you from the Universe.

“Being in the flow.” What does that mean exactly? It means being present, letting things happen on their own, being open to possibilities. How do we get in the flow? Allow it to happen.

The Opposite of Allowing is Resisting

What is the opposite of allowing? Resistance. Resistance is a biggie in the self-development, spiritual growth world. You’ve probably heard tons of spiritual teachers, coaches, psychics, therapists etc talk about resistance. It will get ya every time! Resistance will keep you stuck in a New York Minute. And last way beyond a New York Minute. Many of us get stuck in it our entire lives while some for a shorter period. Why? The short answer is change is scary for most of us.

Do you remember learning to swim? I remember my dad teaching me the basics of swimming before I had official swimming lessons. He held his hand under my back for reassuring support as he taught me how to float. I knew he wouldn’t let me sink; I trusted he was there for me.

As You Allow, You Trust

The same was true when my dad kept his hand on the back of my bike right after he took the training wheels off. Once I took off on my own, just like when I learned to swim, he let go. The reassuring hand lets you know that you have a safety net. You know someone is there to catch you. You trust, so you allow. And because you allow, you trust.

As you allowed yourself to feel safe, you trusted in the experience and your fear went away. Because your fear went away, you felt safe enough to trust. It started with allowing. Letting go. Being open. Relaxing into it.

In the allowing of yourself to experience something new – learning to float or ride a bike – came a new feeling – joy – and with that, the experience of freedom. Freedom from fear, freedom from drowning (you can float and swim), freedom from crashing (you can ride your bike). It started with allowing.

When you’re a kid, there’s nothing like new-found freedom, in whatever that may be. It’s exhilarating.   When I first learned to ride my bike without training wheels and had the green light from my parents to tool all over the neighborhood – that was freedom at its finest! When you’re what, 7 or 8 years old, it doesn’t get any better than that! It was pure joy careening down hills with the wind flying through my hair, sailing over bumps, winding around curves, going wherever my spirit lead me. The joy and exhilaration kids feel with the new-found freedom of a bike all starts with letting go. First, we allow ourselves to first feel safe, then learn a new skill, master it and have fun with it. Key word being allowed.

As Adults we Forget to Have Fun

When we were kids, we wanted what riding a bike represented or we wouldn’t have learned how to ride. We didn’t resist it, we went with it, we allowed ourselves to learn and experience. As adults we often forget the unencumbered way that kids learn and have fun because they allow themselves to feel free and have joy. They enjoy the process.

When we get older, we get “set in our ways.” We don’t want to learn new things, often because of fear. Resistance kicks in with age. But it doesn’t mean “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” because you can. If you’re willing.

Remember Your Safety Net

Go back and remember what it felt like as a kid careening around the neighborhood on your bike. To re-create that feeling and better yet, start experiencing it in everything you do, allow yourself. Allow yourself to trust in the experience. Let go of the fear. Remember, you have a safety net. Your dad may no longer be resting his hand on your bike, but you have your own back now. The Universe has your back.

When you can really know this, trust in this process, you are in flow. When we get into the flow, starting with the state of allowance, joy, fun, inspiration, creation, channeling, all the “cool” stuff in life can happen.

Here’s a tip for you. When you’re in joy it’s really easy to allow because everything feels good! Because you’re allowing, you feel joy. When you’re in joy, one of the highest vibrations for humans, that is when you can manifest easily. Why? Because you’re allowing, not resisting, pushing, controlling, forcing, doubting. Throw out all the steps and stuff you’ve learned, if you can’t feel joy, manifesting will be spotty at best. Law of Attraction talks about that. Maybe they use different words, but that’s the gist of their teachings. Be a vibrational match. That’s a longer subject.

How did it feel that first time you got to cruise all over the neighborhood? How did it feel to have the wind blowing your hair as you cycled through the woods and over the streets? How did it feel to have wheels to go pretty much anywhere you’d want to go when you were too young to drive?

If you can’t answer that question, I can. PRETTY.FRICKIN.AMAZING!!!! That’s what I remember!!!

It was freedom, joy, fun, exhilaration all wrapped up into one. It was awesomeness!

What Can You do Today to Allow?

What can you do today that will put you in a state of allowance? To just sit, back, relax and enjoy the ride? To allow life to happen? Remember, “Look, no hands?” as you removed your hands from your handle bars? Allow the Universe to guide you as you take your hands off the wheel.

See the joy in everything in life. Laugh. Get silly. Tell corny jokes. The less fear you have, you can allow. When you allow, you open yourself up to joy. That is when the magic happens because the Universe will guide you to your next best step. And then you are in the flow.

I wonder what that amazing next step will be?

How amazing is that????

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