Be Open to Possibilities

When we’re stuck in a rut in life, a difficult situation or something we’re not ready to take action on, it’s easy to stay there.  It can get uncomfortably comfortable. We’re not happy with it, but we don’t have enough momentum to change. Frequently we don’t take action because we can’t see the way out.

We can’t see the way out because we get hung up on what’s in front of us, that’s human nature. We keep seeing the problem, the rut, the discomfort. We focus on that. We know what happens when we focus on something. We keep getting more of it. So, in our rut we stay. (And then often we wonder why we stay in the rut.)

Or we stay with what we’ve been doing. You know the definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results!  Most of us aren’t actually insane, but we all tend to bang our head against the wall at times, hoping for a change. If whatever you’ve been doing isn’t working it’s time for the “c” word – change.

What Worked in the Past Often Doesn’t Work in the Future

Another often-ineffective strategy we go with is seeing what worked in the past. It can be ineffective because you aren’t the same person you were in the past. We are dynamic beings. While it may not seem like it, we’re always changing. If you’re reading this blog then you must be interested in changing your life in some way. If you’re open to change, that doesn’t mean going back to the past. It means learning new ways of being, new ways of looking at things. Even if you had a good experience in the past, applying it to today would be different because you are different.

So, let’s move forward.

Usually If we’re not ready to take action it’s because of fear. (For more information on being ready, see my post on Readiness.)  Address the fear by looking at it from a new angle.

Look for Possibilities

Look for possibilities, the opposite of focusing on the problem. This is freeing up space for answers. Freeing up feels lighter, not heavy like fear or problems.

Some very famous and not-so-famous but equally productive minds have propelled us forward by looking for possibilities. Many inventors create things out of their own needs. They seek solutions and find them. What is your need? What rut do you need to get out of?

If you know Nicola Tesla’s story, he invented the alternating current electrical system. (The same Tesla the cars were named after.) He’s been quoted as saying he was divinely inspired. He let his mind be open to possible solutions.  He didn’t look at his situation as a problem and grind it out.

Let Go and Let God

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist or use logic to look for creative solutions in your life. You are the best expert of your life. Ask yourself, “What else is possible?”  “How else can I look at this?” “What are some other options?” “What opportunities can I create?” Then, “Let go and Let God” (Universe/Source/Divine). Get out of the driver’s seat and let the Universe take over. Don’t call five people for ideas or fill out a bunch of solution-oriented forms you downloaded off the internet. Well, you can, but that’s old paradigm. Just let go.

Want to hear a secret? Literally just a minute ago I “excused myself” if you know what I mean. While I was “busy” I asked the Universe to inspire me with a name for a future business avenue. Before I was finished with my “task at hand” it hit me. Bam! Just like that. Really, I’m not kidding. Earlier in the day I put it out there to the Universe that I would like an answer to that question. So, when I was “doing my thing” I took the opportunity to check in. When I’m writing I’m in my inspired mode, which means I’m open to listening and receiving what the Universe has to say. What’s the subject of this post? Possibilities! There are no coincidences, people, I’m telling you!  So, what do you know? There’s that BAM again! When I asked for the answer, it came.

While I wasn’t stuck in a rut with this particular situation, I could’ve been. In six weeks or five months I could still be in this place of not having a name which means I can’t move forward with what I want to create.  Which means I would’ve been in a rut. I could’ve started to complain that I can’t do this new thing because I don’t have a name. Then it’s really easy to get stuck in pity party mode that I’ll never do this new business aspect. Or I could’ve justified my lack of progress because I have no name. See how that works? Easy to get mired in the muck.

We can fake ourselves out with faux progress. I could’ve sat down and wrote out about ten names and googled fifteen more. To top it off I could’ve second-guessed every single one of them. Then I stay stuck some more. That’s hard work and frankly now that I have a new way of living, I don’t like hard work. It’s just easier to ask.  I’ve learned to open my mind, ask, wait, listen and receive by letting go. From there I am gifted with answers and possibilities.

What Else is Possible?

You can apply this to your life too. If you’re in a job you’re not satisfied with but are afraid to make a change, ask yourself “What else is possible?” “How can I stay in this job and be happy?” or “Show me a way to leave that I’m comfortable with.”  or “What other job would be a better fit for me?”

These questions can apply to a relationship too. Or if you’re a landlord and for months have wanted to kick out an unruly tenant ask what is standing in your way? What other way can I look at this situation? Get yourself into possibility mode and out of problem mode by asking open ended questions to the Universe. Then listen for the answers.

The world is full of possibilities. It’s just a matter of reaching out and grabbing one. Which one will work for your situation? Just ask. You might be surprised at the answers. You have the wisdom inside.

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