Let Your Beliefs Disappear

If you know Law of Attraction, then you’ll know one of the things that impedes manifestation are beliefs around the desired outcome.  If we have any doubts, i.e. we don’t really believe, then it’s less likely we’ll get what we desire. That makes sense, right? If you don’t really think you can get something, the chances of obtaining it go down.

That’s one reason athletes practice so much. The more they do it, the better they get. The better they get, the more they know they can do it. They believe it.  The more they practice that jump shot, the more likely it’ll get in the hoop. The more it goes through the hoop, the more confident they feel. Confidence is a belief too. The definition of it is: a belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust. Confidence is the opposite of doubt.

Beliefs are Just Thoughts We’ve Had for a While

Beliefs are those pesky things that can keep us from getting what we want out of life. We have so many of them that we don’t even know what we have.  Beliefs are just thoughts we’ve had for a while. They roam around the corners of our mind, unexamined. How many times do you think about your beliefs? Exactly, not very often. Yet they are powerful.

We pick up beliefs first from our parents, then our extended family, school, church, organizations, the media etc. We don’t examine our earliest beliefs from our parents. Because we’re so young we just absorb them, take them on as our own. Before we know it, we think like our parents do and believe what they believe.

The Older We Get, the More Beliefs We Have

The older we get, the more beliefs we take on. Before we know it, we have an entire belief catalog in our heads collecting dust until it’s time to manifest something that hinges on one of our beliefs. That’s when we get snagged by a belief we didn’t know we had.

The things we want the most – weight loss, health, relationships and money – are the things we have the most beliefs around. Next time you’re working on manifesting something in those categories, check out your beliefs on the subject. You’ll be amazed how many you have.

Since beliefs are just something we took on, we can let them go. They’re not permanently attached to us. They’re not like an arm or a leg we kinda need to function well. If they don’t serve us, we don’t need them.

Put Your Belief in a Balloon

What’s the best way to get rid of beliefs? There are so many ways. Try several out to see what works for you. One way I suggest to my clients is to imagine putting your belief in a balloon. Then like a kid, release that balloon into the atmosphere. Watch it drift up into the sky. “Bye, bye belief!”

That sounds too easy, you say. Don’t let imagination techniques fool you. Our imaginations are very powerful, that’s why we have them.  You know the expression, “If you can dream it, you can have it.” How do you dream it? Through your imagination.  If you can imagine something you want, why can’t you imagine something you don’t want? Of course, you can!

Every belief that no longer serves you, put it in that balloon one by one. The neat thing about this technique is balloons are filled with air, which is why they’re light weight. When you start releasing beliefs, you’ll feel lighter too because you didn’t realize how much they were bogging you down.

The more beliefs you can clear out, the easier your manifesting will be.

I expect to see a lot of balloons floating in the air soon. 😊

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