Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Situation

If you’ve heard of Esther Hicks’ work on “Law of Attraction” or read or listened to any work on manifesting, then you know the first step in manifesting is monitoring and changing your thoughts. The first step to changing anything is to first be aware of it.

An easy way to be aware of what you are thinking about a certain situation is to see your thoughts visually in your mind. Imagine a white board. See your thoughts being written or appearing on that white board. Every time you have a negative thought, see it being erased.

The White Board in Your Mind

For example. Let’s say you want a certain man to respond to your texts so that you can arrange to get together or know he’s still interested in you. Start noticing all the things you are thinking about that situation and see them appearing on that white board in your mind. You might start seeing thoughts such as, “When is he going to text me?” or “Why isn’t he texting me?” or “Does he even like me?” You might be amazed at what comes up and how many negative thoughts you are having around the situation.  It’s ok, it’s common. You’re not weird or bad.

When I say negative, I mean by noticing he isn’t responding to you or worrying about his feelings for you, that isn’t contributing to the end result you desire – him texting you back. The more you focus on the fact he isn’t contacting you what are you putting out there? He isn’t contacting me! So, what is likely to happen? He won’t contact you!

Can you make him contact you? No, we can never make a person do anything (too bad, I know, right?). But, you can increase the likelihood he will contact you back by letting go of noticing he’s not contacting you. When you let go of noticing his lack of responsiveness, you free up a space for him to make a different choice and contact you.

If he really doesn’t like you or was just using you, then the likelihood of him returning your text is low. In that case, you probably don’t really want him to contact you anyway. That’s a whole other subject and that’s not what I’m referring to in this article.

The More You Think They Won’t, They Won’t

What I am referring to is I do many readings for people in which I reassure them that yes, that person really does like them. Or maybe you have enough intuition on your own to know they like you. But if you keep worrying about them not responding to you and I can see that they do like you or you’ve covered your intuition up with doubt, you are increasing the chances they won’t contact you. In this situation where they do like you, you can affect the outcome and get the desired result – he will contact you.

We are all energetic beings. And as such, we react to other people’s energy whether we know it or not. With the world ascending, with the energy increasing and getting higher, those of us on our journey of awakening are even more sensitive to other people’s energy. And we are more powerful. Our thoughts are more powerful, our energy is more powerful. Therefore, we can influence people and situations more easily. That’s the good and bad news. It’s good news because if you are aware of this and change your thoughts to reflect your desired outcome, you can obtain it quicker. It’s “bad” news because you are more powerful and therefore can more easily manifest what you don’t want if you continue to think about what you don’t want.

This concept can apply to anything. Let’s say you have a boss who’s being a real jerk and not treating you very well. Notice what you’re thinking about it. See those thoughts appearing on your white board. “He’s such a jerk!” “He can’t manage to save his life!” “He isn’t seeing what a good employee I am!” Whatever those negative thoughts are (the ones that are the opposite of what you want), see them being erased every time you catch them on your white board.

Free Up the Space For Change

The more you can stop the negative thoughts about your boss, the more you can free up the space for him to stop treating you like a jerk. That doesn’t mean he’s going to magically stop being a jerk because he can’t and won’t change until when and if he sees it and wants to change. But it does mean he can stop treating you like a jerk because you are no longer thinking about him in this way. You are now holding a space where your boss may continue to be a jerk to everyone else, but more than likely not you. If you keep erasing those negative thoughts and he keeps treating you like a jerk, then there are other factors involved. Then please contact me or someone else who can help you through it. There is a good likelihood that just erasing the negative thoughts about him will produce a welcome change in his behavior towards you because you are holding a more neutral or positive energy.

This does work, I promise. I’ve seen it in action in my own life and in other’s lives. Keep that white board active in your mind. Keep seeing the thoughts pop up. Keep erasing the ones that don’t produce your desired outcome. There’s more to the manifesting story, but you can start by changing your thoughts, to change your situation.

If you’d like to learn more about manifesting or see why it isn’t working for you, that’s one of my specialties. Please see this page for more information.

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