I Don’t Have Any Gifts

When people are new on their path to awakening, I hear many of them say, “I don’t have any gifts” or “I can’t do what you can.” Or some other variation of those statements.

We All Have Gifts

We ALL have gifts. And that means you.  Every single one of us on this planet. We are born with an innate sense of intuition because that is our connection to our Higher Self and to the Divine. It’s how we communicate with the Divine and know things. If you think you don’t have it, let me reassure you that you do. It’s just a matter of knowing how you receive your information, then recognizing it, then trusting it, then using it.

It may seem like some of us are more intuitive or gifted than others, especially millenials and younger. Many of you born after about 1980 came here more plugged in, have a stronger sense of intuition, gifts may have come in at a younger age. That’s intentional. As the planet is ascending, those of us born pre-1980 were building and holding the energy for the higher vibrational souls to come in. That doesn’t mean those of you born before 1980 are less gifted or less intuitive or that those born after are more gifted. It means those born after 1980 have been born into a higher energy planet thanks to those of us who laid the foundation. As such, the increased energy supports them for their gifts to come in earlier. It’s part of the plan for humanity to wake up.

In addition to intuition, which we all have, other gifts such as sensing and feeling energy, seeing purple angels or any number of other “cool” things, talking to the deceased, seeing auras, channeling beings etc, are specific to the individual. Talking to the deceased is called mediumship. Many people can do it. What differs is how they do it, that makes them unique. Channeling beings is the same thing – many people can do it, but which being they channel and how they do it makes them unique.

Which Gift Do You Have?

To confirm for yourself that you have other gifts, it’s just a matter of knowing which gift you have and how to use it. How you identify your gift is a longer explanation, but basically be aware. Start noticing what you think you may be able to do. Take classes that interest you. Watch youtube videos. There are no coincidences so good chance what you are interested in is indicative of a gift you may have. Follow that inclination.

Most importantly though, please refrain from saying you don’t have any gifts, you want more gifts, you can’t do what someone else does etc. The reason I implore you to stop saying these things goes back to law of attraction. We manifest with our thoughts. What you think and say can manifest because thought directs energy and energy follows thought. So be very careful what you say and think.

Don’t Say You Don’t Have Gifts

The more you say you don’t have gifts, guess what’s going to happen? The longer it will take for them to come in. The more you notice you don’t have what she has, guess what will happen? The longer it will take for you to discover what gifts you do have.

Remember my story on willingness? I was willing to be open to receive my gifts, but I was noticing I didn’t have any (rather, I thought I didn’t have any, we all have them) and I was comparing myself to others whose gifts were apparent. Therefore, I blocked the opening of my gifts then. In that blog post I said it wasn’t my time. That’s true. It wasn’t my time to receive them because I was blocking them. And because I was blocking them, it wasn’t my time to receive them. Was it part of my bigger plan, written in my records, that my gifts wouldn’t be noticeable to me until whatever year it was vs 1990-something when I was blocking them?  Probably, just so I could learn that lesson and one day figure it out and share it with you. 😊

The moral of that story is even if you are blocking your gifts from coming in right now by noticing and talking about the fact that they aren’t here may be part of your journey. That’s probably not the answer you want to hear, just like I didn’t want to hear it all those years ago. Like one of my favorite sayings, “It is what it is.” It will happen when it’s time. You control the timing. When you stop noticing they aren’t here, stop thinking about it, stop talking about it, stop talking about thinking about it, they will come in. And then it IS time.

Your Time is Coming

Trust that your time is coming. You were born with your gifts, they just aren’t noticeable to you – yet.

If you are not sure what your gifts are, feel free to contact me so we can have a discussion about it.

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