Is Being an Empath a Gift?

I can’t leave the house I’m so overwhelmed! Does that sound familiar?

Or maybe you leave the house, but you avoid crowded places like the mall, concerts or restaurants on Saturday nights?

We Are All Empaths

As humans we are all empaths. We all have the ability to pick up on other people’s energy, mood, vibration, frequency, whatever you want to call it.  Most people don’t realize they are an empath, but they are.

Others realize they are but don’t know what to do about it. Those are the ones who avoid crowded places or stay in their house. I have a friend who is such a strong empath she stayed in the house for a year, only going out for groceries!

Most of us don’t have the luxury or the desire to stay in our house for a year or more. We have to get out for a job or we want to get out for a social life.

If you find yourself crippled by your empathic abilities, there’s hope.

To Bubble or not to Bubble?

Many of you have probably heard of the “put a bubble around yourself” advice. In my opinion, that’s a beginner’s strategy. No offense to anyone who uses or recommends it. Bear with me.

Putting a bubble around yourself means just that. Imagine yourself in a protective bubble or have a shield or wall etc around you. No one else’s energy can get into your bubble. It’s kind of like when we’re kids and we say, “I’m rubber, your glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you!” Whatever anyone else does or says can’t get into your bubble because those are your rules. Their energy can bounce off of your bubble, but it can’t get in. House rules.

Feeling Energy is an Alert or a Gift?

Being able to feel the energy in a room is a self-preservation mechanism so personally, I don’t like to shut that ability off. If I have a bubble, shield or other imaginative protective device around me, I can’t pick it up. If someone is angry, it’s good to know that up front so you don’t get overwhelmed by it or sucked in. Feeling the energy is protective in the sense it’s an alert system which could protect us from emotional or physical harm.

Feeling the energy in the room can also be sad depending on the situation. If you’re in a hospital for example, feeling the energy of sick or dying people doesn’t feel too good unless you’re there to help them. If you are, it’s a gift so you know how to assist or comfort them. If not, put a bubble around yourself.

What I prefer to do is feel the energy then ask if it’s mine. If it’s not, “return to sender.” If you’re not going to help the person whose energy you’re picking up on, you don’t need it. Most of us aren’t going to approach strangers and attempt to help or advise them, so turn it off. Return to sender. With this strategy you’re choosing not to feel it versus avoiding it or pretending it doesn’t exist. Choice is the most powerful tool we have. Use it.

Your Light and Energy is a Gift

We are all composed of light. The more awake, conscious and positive you are, the brighter your light. By shining your light and not keeping it contained in a bubble, you are actually helping others, just by being in their presence. You never know how you helped a person in the hospital just by walking past their door. Ok, maybe you didn’t directly or intentionally heal them, but you never know the positive effect you had on them. If their soul is willing to accept your energy, it will take it. Your energy is a gift, just as your ability to feel it is.

If our light is so bright, it drowns out the dark. If you’re in such a good mood, your vibration is high, your thoughts are clear, what can harm you? Pretty much nothing unless you allow it to bring you down.

Think of it this way. When a forest fire is raging it burns up everything in its path. When you shine your light brightly, it isn’t destructive nor does it burn others because you aren’t a fire. Yet your light can affect everyone in your path in a good way because light is uplifting.

Go into the hospital with your light shining brightly. Focus on yourself and your loved one whom you are visiting. For the rest, let them bask in your light if they are willing. Their pain is of no concern of yours unless you are there to directly assist them. If not, let their energy stay with them. Focus on you only. Use this same technique whether it’s a hospital, a restaurant or a crowded movie theater. It matters not the situation.

With this strategy you don’t need a bubble to protect you. Protection implies there’s something you need to be protected from. You don’t need protection, that is my point. Your light is your “weapon” so to speak. You don’t need protection because you are only focusing on you and your light is empowering. The rest, “return to sender.”


If it’s too draining, start over. Put your bubble up if you need to. I would never tell anyone not to do that, I’m just offering a different, more empowered strategy. Or better yet re-center yourself, take a few deep breaths, identify whose energy is whose and stay focused on yours. If nothing is working, take a break. Go outside, get some sunshine. Sit in your car and listen to music. Do what you have to do to re-center. Then start over. Certain situations like hospitals can be draining energetically. It takes practice to channel your light.

We aren’t here to help everyone, especially if they’re not willing to be helped by us. Help yourself by keeping your energy high and clear. When you can do this, you are indirectly helping others too.

By learning to shine your light no matter what you don’t have to stay holed up in your house. Before you go out, ramp up your energy. When you reach your destination stay present and ask whose energy is whose. Whatever you don’t want, isn’t yours – return to sender. It bounces off of me and sticks to you.

If you feel you are an empath and want to discuss it, contact me for a one session strategy session.

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