Knowingness Key

Trust, belief, faith, know – are they the same? They may seem the same on the surface, but as with all of these concepts, there are subtle differences.

Trust, Belief, Faith

Trust, belief and faith are not as solid as knowing. We trust, believe and have faith the sun will come up every morning because based on experience, it will happen. Therefore, we know it will happen. We can also have faith, belief and trust without evidence. We believe things all the time without evidence. That’s when fears set in. We believe something bad will happen, but really, we have no clue or no proof that it will. We don’t really know something bad will happen, but we believe or worry it will.

You can believe you’re pregnant, but you don’t know you’re pregnant until you take the test. Then you have proof, evidence that you are. Pregnancy is not a belief thing. You either are or you aren’t. There is no gray area there.

Taking it to the next level, we can come to a place of knowingness without needing proof. Some women know they are pregnant early on without needing proof, before they took a test.  No doubt there. Test said positive and it was. Knowingness is like pregnancy, you either are or you aren’t. You either know or you don’t.

We are taught to have faith, trust and believe in ourselves.  But we are not generally taught to know. I don’t mean know as in knowledge, book learning. I mean knowing, as in certainty, about yourself, about the Universe, about the flow of life.

Knowingness is rock solid. To truly know is our ultimate goal in life. To know the Universe, or God and our self has our back, no matter what, is beyond a sense of relief, it is contentedness because we know no matter what, we are taken care of.

When You Know You’re Empowered

To know that you can be or obtain whatever it is you desire is no longer doubting or worrying. The pressure is off.  You know it will happen. When you know, you are empowered. You know that you have the power within you to create whatever you desire, to take care of yourself no matter what, to feel safe in any circumstance.

When we can reach this level of knowingness is when the magic of life happens because we have released doubt and the need for evidence and proof. At this level you no longer need to get ten psychic readings or call five good friends for reassurance it will work out and you’ll get what you want. You no longer succumb to addictions and bad habits, including worrying. You know it will all work out. How do you know? Because you know. You can’t doubt knowingness. If you can, then you don’t truly know.

Have you ever driven around and gotten lost (pre-GPS times)? Or couldn’t find your car in the parking lot (pre-smart key times)? Those are simple examples that have probably happened to all of us. Most of the time we didn’t panic, we just knew we’d find our car or we’d get where we wanted to go. We’ve been taught to be logical so to avoid panic we might re-trace our steps or rely on our observations, such as “I know I parked next to a light post.” That works, we found our car, we got where we wanted to go.

There is a new way to combat panic, avoid anxiety, live a stress-free life without always relying on logic.

Just Know

Just KNOW you’ll find your car or you’ll find your way home. Just KNOW you will get what you desire whether it’s a new job, a new partner or a new way of looking at life.

How do you just know? Listen to your intuition. That’s how some women know they’re pregnant before taking a test to confirm it.

Intuition is our connection to the Divine. We know when we get information from the Divine. There is no doubt, we just know. We all have different ways of knowing. Once you have identified yours, you’re good to go.

When I first learned to be a psychic, I was aware I was using my intuition to get information for the client, but I had to learn to trust it. The more I trusted, partly due to clients giving me feedback, the more I knew I was right. There’s the word know. I had no doubts; I was certain. That’s knowingness.

Now I use that same intuition for my personal life. If I get an intuitive hit, which means I know, that I should call someone, I do. That call can lead to all kinds of opportunities – a new friendship, business deal, partnership, who knows. Those are the things that line up to manifest.

Knowing is in the Flow

When you get to the level of knowingness, then you are in flow. You know with absolute certainty whatever it is you desire will happen. You know for example you will get that new car even if you don’t currently have the money. And that is when it happens. Synchronous events line up. You got an unexpected bonus or the bank made an error in your favor. Who knows what can happen to give you the money to buy a new car? When you worry you don’t have the money you are in the opposite of knowingness. And that is when you don’t get the money. Knowing equals get new car. Doubt equals not get new car. Which state of mind would you rather be in? Doubt or knowing?

Trusting your intuition is knowingness.

What do you know?


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