Life Lessons

Before we incarnate we plan our entire life – everything from hair and eye color to our parents to our lovers. We have free will so the details can change, but the basics are what we plan for. One of the things we plan are our life lessons or what some call life themes, what we want to work on in this lifetime. Since the majority of us have lived many lifetimes, our life lessons are often unfinished lessons from previous lives because they’re not usually so easy to conquer, especially if we set ourselves up for a particularly challenging life. Once we finally master the life lesson it’s time to move on to the next one in the next life.

There’s a Variety of Life Lessons

There are many life lessons to work on – humility, pride, truth etc. How do you know what yours are? There are various tools that can give you that information – Akashic Record Readings, numerology, astrology, your own meditations and more.

Maybe in a past life reading or a personal meditation you discovered you were burned at the stake for being a heretic. As a result, in this lifetime you’re afraid to speak your truth. Well, no wonder, right? Many of us have been burned at the stake, hung, drowned or some other form of persecution for speaking our truth. That makes it kinda hard to want to speak your truth in this lifetime. But if you came here to work on it, then speak your truth you must. The good news is in the western world where we live people aren’t burned or hung anymore so you can take that fear off the table. Yes, there are other ways people are persecuted in our modern world, but don’t let your fear overtake you so you can’t accomplish your lesson.

How to Identify a Life Lesson

How do you know you’re working on a life lesson? It’s big, really big. It’s a constant theme in your life. Maybe you’ve been a victim your entire life. Or everywhere you go you seek out truth. Pride is your Achilles heel? It’s usually fairly easy to spot once you look for it. If you can’t spot it, use one of the mentioned tools to find it or validate if you suspect it. It’s that one thing that just won’t go away. Big issues never just go away, we have to work through them. That’s why we’re here on Earth, to learn these lessons. Once you’ve cleared it, your life can change in an instant. Working through it can take a while. And takes courage. If you go to your grave not having learned your life lesson, that’s ok, many of us do not. That’s why we’re often working on the same issue for several lifetimes.

However, in this time of the earth changing and ascending, with humanity ascending, we are all being urged to work on those life lessons. It’s time.  You may feel like the heat has been turned up on you. You may find yourself in more and more uncomfortable situations because that’s the Universe’s way of giving you extra opportunities to confront the issue and clear it. (Yeah, thanks, right? Actually, it is a good thing so you can clear it.) The Universe is telling you now is the time! The good news is with the earth’s energy ascending, earth entering the photon belt, various planetary alignments etc, all this added and higher energy is making it easier for us to transcend issues that we’ve been stuck in for hundreds if not thousands of years.

Are Things Going Downhill?

If you find your health is deteriorating or you’re getting sick more often, that’s a probable sign there’s a big life lesson you aren’t addressing. (All physical issues start in the emotional and mental realms.)  If you keep losing jobs or money or relationships go south, that’s also another sign. It’s time to look in the mirror, discover those lessons and be done with them.

The journey of conscious and spiritual awakening is not for sissies. It requires figuring out your life lessons and healing them. Sometimes we make a false start because we aren’t quite ready to tackle it yet. (Been there!) That’s ok. It is what it is. It takes courage to tread this path, my friend. Go easy on yourself as you continue on your journey. If you need to take a break for a while, do it. If you need a vacation, take it. Just know your journey will be right where you left it when you return. (Great, right? 😊) In the meantime, make sure you are being good to yourself. Implement your self-care, whatever that looks like for you.

As I said above, when you clear a life lesson, your life can change in an instant – for the better. Your vibration is instantly raised because you are no longer carrying that lower vibrational lesson you needed to transcend. If that isn’t worth it, I don’t know what is!

If you would like an Akashic Record Reading to determine your life lesson, please see this page.

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