Looking for Evidence

Remember the old song, “Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places?” We look for what we want in all the wrong places – evidence. We’ve been taught, programmed by society, our families, school etc to look for evidence. That’s how the world has worked. Want to lose weight? Step on the scale to look for the evidence – pounds coming off. Want to make money? Look at your bank account for more zeroes behind the comma. Want to meet somebody? See how many dates you can get.

It’s all back-a**wards.

Yep, it is.

It’s not in the evidence, my friends, it’s in the belief and knowing that what you desire will happen. That’s the hardest point I have to get across when I teach manifesting workshops. You can do all the fancy affirmations you want while standing on your head. You can watch 10,000 youtube videos on law of attraction. You can look in the mirror and tell yourself you love yourself every day. Please, I’m not knocking these things, but they aren’t the key. The key is in the belief and knowing. Not in the looking for evidence, convincing yourself, getting ten different psychic readings or having others tell you you’ll get what you want.

We’re Trained to Prove Things

In the scientific world trials are done to prove a theory, a drug, a method, etc. In the criminal justice world evidence is required to convict a criminal. In the political world data (evidence) is collected to determine how a candidate is faring. That’s all science.

That’s what we’re taught in the “real” world, particularly in science. Manifesting is not a science. It’s trusting and believing you can create whatever you desire. Evidence doesn’t apply in this scenario. This is where spirituality and science diverge.

When You Need Proof, You Don’t Have the Answer

If you want to move from fact (science) to fiction (imagination, manifesting) so to speak, drop the search for evidence. Gathering evidence doesn’t work in the manifesting world because it’s the opposite of knowing and believing. When you’re searching for evidence, you’re asking for proof. When you need proof, you don’t have the answer, you’re in doubt, therefore you don’t trust and believe. We want evidence because we want to feel safe, reassured by having an answer. We want to feel secure in what the future holds because we’re scared. That’s ok, we were taught that. Now is the time to learn a new way.

The Special Sauce is Knowing

To truly manifest, trusting, believing and knowing you will get that which you desire, IS the secret ingredient. It’s the special sauce! It’s the KFC Colonel’s secret recipe and now you have it.

You know the old saying, “Seeing is believing,” meaning you have to see it (have proof) before you can believe it. You have to see the scale going down to prove you lost the weight. You have to see the  zeroes behind the comma in your bank account to know you’re acquiring wealth. In manifesting, the opposite is true. Believe it first, then you will see it coming true. See all those digits in your bank account and it will come true. See the pounds coming off and then they will.

I think I just heard a collective groan. Ok, I know, sounds easy. So, let me tell you a story. We all love stories!

Years ago, I was laid off from a job twice in a row from downsizing. Even though I wasn’t connected to my higher self and intuition then as I am now, I didn’t panic, which was unusual for me because I went to the school of panic growing up. I didn’t freak out and think I needed to sell my house or get any old job or two to pay the bills. I didn’t stay up at night worrying I’d be sleeping under a bridge soon. Maybe I should have panicked (I’m laughing as I say that) knowing my bank account wasn’t as healthy as I’d have liked. Maybe I was too stupid to panic! Ok, that’s a joke. But seriously, I didn’t panic.

At that time I wasn’t the most positive person, didn’t know much about manifesting and wasn’t into affirmations. Even though I knew I had the skills and the confidence to get another job (I did and wasn’t laid off), that doesn’t guarantee you’ll get a job. I’m tempted to say again maybe I was just being naive thinking if I put out my resumes, I’ll get a job. Just putting out resumes guarantees nothing. There’s no proof you’ll get a job because you applied and interviewed. Could definitely lead to panic mode.

Don’t Panic

Instead, somewhere deep inside I knew I’d be ok, I wouldn’t be sleeping under that bridge. THAT, my friend, was the Universe talking to me.  I didn’t know it then, but looking back, the Universe had my back! It didn’t let me down. By not panicking, by not looking for proof I’d get a job (there is no guarantee in job searching anyway), I landed on my feet. Somewhere deep inside I knew, I trusted, I’d be ok. And I was. Got a new job, kept my house, kept paying my bills, life was still good.

The moral of the story is I trusted and believed on some level I’d be ok. I didn’t get into panic mode, I didn’t run around looking for evidence that I’ll get a job and life will be ok. I just put one foot in front of the other and took the necessary steps while believing.

Have you had a similar experience in your life where the universe had your back? Even if you didn’t realize it at the time like I didn’t, I bet you have. You didn’t freak out, you didn’t require all kinds of evidence and guess what? What you wanted came true! That is manifesting.

You Really Don’t Need Evidence, You Just Think You Do

If you did it once, you can do it again. Just remind yourself next time you’re “looking for love in all the wrong places,” no, I mean looking for evidence, that you don’t need it. You already have what you need – trust, belief and knowing you got this. And that the Universe has your back! Just believe it. It’s true.

If you still don’t believe it, email me and I’ll keep telling you it’s true until you believe it. 😊

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