Turn off the Fear Program

Fear is a Program

Fear is just a program. As such, you can choose to turn it off or on. When the fear program is running, like it is now with the virus pandemic, it can totally cripple you.

In the software world a virus is a piece of code that can wreak havoc on anything it comes in contact with. If you’ve ever gotten a virus on your computer, you know what I mean. That’s what the coronavirus is doing – it’s injecting its code into our world which is launching the fear program and it’s multiplying.

Because of the virus and the restrictions put in place many of us are scared to go to the grocery store, scared to talk to our neighbors, scared of even bigger things like losing our job or our home. Fear is running rampant whether you’re buying into it or not.

Fear is Like a Sexy Siren

Fear is like a sexy siren attempting to seduce us into her den. She calls to us, she appeals to our basest instincts. It’s all too tempting to fall prey to her. After the deed is done you wake up like you have a hang-over. You fell for it. That’s what sexy sirens are intended to do, seduce us until we’re so hot with frenzy we succumb. Don’t beat yourself up if you did.

Use your good judgement and turn and walk away from the sexy siren. It’s like listening to your girlfriend in a crowded bar when that gorgeous bad boy is eyeing you up. If she’s a good friend, what would she say? “Just walk away!” If you’re smart, you would. Tempting as it might be to give in to that hot guy, walk away.

Block that sexy siren like you’d block an annoying person on Facebook or on your phone. I get it that right now it’s hard to do because the fear is so thick you can cut it with ten knives. But, block we must if we’re going to survive this and not give in to fear.

Keep Your Vibration High

Keep your vibration high and clear by staying away from the news or limit your time. Don’t talk to people who are in fear unless you’re trying to help them out of it. Delete fear-driven emails, scroll past fear-mongering posts on social media.  It’s all too easy to get sucked in right now.

There’s been plenty of funny posts on social media about the toilet paper shortage or how we’ll be fat and shaggy when we get out of lock-down. When I’m scrolling down on Facebook I’m focusing on the funny ones and sharing them to my page. You know what they say, “Laughter is the best medicine.” Buy into the humor of it all, not the fear. We don’t have a choice about a lot of things right now so you may as well laugh at what you do have. That’s my philosophy anyway.

Remember You Have Choices

We often forget we have free will. We have choices, even when we don’t feel like we do. Right now, many of our freedoms, our choices, have been taken away from us. We still control our mood, our vibration. Laughing will help you get through this and keep your vibration high. If  nothing else, it’s more fun, right?

This is where we need to stand strong. No matter what happens, we will be ok. We have no idea what ok looks like at this moment, but we have to know it’s true. Otherwise you fall off into the abyss, that deep, dark ocean of fear. There’s only one way in and one way out of that abyss – choice. Choose to stay in it, or choose to rise to the surface. I know where I’m going. Won’t you join me?

This situation is challenging us like nothing before. It is a test. A test of how we can we stay strong and out of fear.  To avoid succumbing, use your tools discussed in previous posts such as meditating, chanting etc. You know what works for you.  If nothing’s working, remember this: fear is just a program. It’s like a software program. You can turn it off or let it run. When I realize my fear has been getting too high, I do just that – remember it’s a program and turn it off. Sometimes I have to do it more than once, but I just keep doing it.

How do You Turn it Off?

Say it in your head you’re turning it off, shout it, visualize a delete key or on/off switch in your head. Whatever works for you, turn it off. Dis-invite the fear program from your energy field. If it were a computer virus, you’d run an anti-viral program. Run an anti-fear program. When you run an anti-virus  program, it scans your PC for viruses. Scan your body and mind for fear, then run the anti-fear program.

The anti-fear program could include using your tools or maybe it’s singing a made-up anti-fear song or bingeing on comedies. It doesn’t matter what you do so long as your intention is to turn off the fear.

Now that you have hopefully calmed down a bit, ask yourself what your life would look and feel like if you weren’t scared? What might you do or feel?

What Would You Do if You Weren’t in Fear?

Would you get motivated to work on that thing you’ve always wanted to do or put off? Would you learn a skill or a hobby that’s interested you but never had time to pursue? Would you get certified in something? Would you read that stack of books that’s been piling up or clogging up your kindle?

Would you be more generous and offer to get groceries for your elderly neighbor? Would you give your time to teach somebody something? Getting out of ourselves shifts our focus and leaves room to be more expansive.

Now, more than ever, you have time to focus on you. This is our time to be selfish in a good way.

Focus on that and make it happen.

As Jean-Luc Picard, Captain of the Starship Enterprise, would say, “Make it so.”

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