What is Fear?

You may have heard the acronym that fear stands for False Events Appearing Real.

When you are in fear what happens? Your judgment gets clouded, you don’t know if it’s your intuition or your fear talking, you get worried about the future, your “monkey mind” starts going crazy, you have reactions in your body etc.

How do You Know You’re in Fear?

Are you being emotionally reactive?

Example – The place where you work is re-structuring. There are rumors about lay-offs. Suddenly you have a feeling you’ll get laid off. What does this feeling feel like? Is there anxiety around it? Are you now worried? Are you running scenarios in your head about how you’d survive if you’re laid off? If yes, that’s fear. Getting laid off in this situation is a false event appearing real because you don’t know if you’ll get laid off or not.

Take Action to Allay the Fear

Whenever we are in fear once you recognize it, it’s good to take action to calm down the fear. If there’s a real possibility you may get laid off, then take that action of preparing yourself. Stop worrying and just prepare.

If you do end up getting laid off, then the un-fearful thing to do is take the next right step. Maybe it’s updating your resume or start networking if you haven’t already or maybe you choose to retire etc

If you didn’t end up getting laid off, then all that worry and getting into fear did you no good. It was truly a false event appearing real.

Is the Fear Real?

Next time you are afraid of something, ask yourself if it’s a “false event appearing real”? Is it truly something to be afraid of? Is your intuition alerting you to a scary situation? Or are you making something bigger than it is? Can you handle it in a better way?

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