Will I Die from the Coronavirus?

Only you know.

Most psychics will tell you that they cannot predict death, particularly in healthy people. Why? For the obvious reason. Who wants to know when they’ll die? Panic and fear could overwhelm you.

How to Find Out

There is a way you can find out, though. Ask your higher self. I do not feel I will die or even contract this virus. How do I know? I asked my intuition. Ask your intuition. If you’re not sure, what is the first answer that comes into your senses? Yes or no? The first, quick answer is generally the truth. Step one is ask your intuition.

Step two, is lean into it. Only do this if you’re willing to get the answer. It can be scary. Your higher self may block you from getting the answer for that reason. It knows if you can handle the answer. I’m not saying you’ll die from it or get a “yes.”

I got a quick no but then I went deeper. I felt into the scenario of dying from the virus and I got a big no. That’s not the way I’ll exit. I don’t know how I’ll eventually exit, although I have a plan, and it doesn’t include getting struck down by a virus.

Manage Your Mental and Emotional Health Too

Even if you get the virus, it doesn’t mean you’ll die from it. Many don’t. I’m not going to discuss the statistics or the medical viewpoints. Watch the news or read online for that information. Right now, everyone is so focused on their physical health, understandably. This article is about managing your mental and emotional health, which probably isn’t talked about much on the news.

One way to avoid contracting coronavirus (or anything else for that matter) or not dying from it is to stay out of fear. The more fear you’re in, the more fear you stay in. Fear is proven to suppress immune systems. Therefore, you can literally increase your chances of getting it by being in fear and weakening your body. Don’t let that statement scare you either! Just because you’re afraid doesn’t mean you’ll get it, but it can increase the likelihood.

There’s a lot of fear out there around this. Do your best to stay out of it. I’m not saying don’t take this seriously or have a cavalier attitude. Stay safe, of course, by practicing good hygiene and social distancing. As a lightworker and higher consciousness person, practice good mental, emotional and spiritual hygiene by staying above the fear. It is our job to transmute the fear at this time. If others want to be in fear, that’s their business. Most of my family is in fear and it’s hard for me to see. All I can do is share my point of view to offer uplifting messages. If they agree, fine, if they don’t, that’s their business. By not being in fear we set a good example to help others rise above it.  Hopefully people you know won’t be in as much fear if they see you not buying into it.

Visualization to Get Rid of the Fear

I’m not writing this to scare any of you, rather to encourage you to dig deep and blow out the fear. Here’s a quick visualization you can do that I did the other night to pull me back to center. I don’t know about you, but as an empath (we are all empaths) there are days when my fear is high. I asked myself if it was mine. It was not. Therefore, like many of you, I am picking up everyone else’s fear. Easy to do these days. Don’t let that get to you.

Here’s what I did. Feel all that fear around you, including yours.  Gather it up into a giant red energetic ball. Keep gathering it up until you feel you have it all. Then give it back to the universe to transmute it. Throw it like you’re lobbing a volleyball over the net. If you don’t feel some relief at first, keep doing it until you feel better. After doing it one time I felt so much better, like a giant weight was lifted off of me. It wasn’t mine so I didn’t want to keep carrying it.

The reason I suggest using the color red is because red is the color of the root chakra. The root chakra is about fear and survival. We are being tested to our limits with fear. Our fear of survival is being triggered. Will I lose my house? Will I lose my job? Will I get sick? Will I die? Will my family get sick or die? All of those questions are running through our heads right now. Those are all survival fears, our most basic of fears. I’m not saying those aren’t valid concerns, but we can’t let them overwhelm us or we get stuck in the fear. We have no idea how this will all turn out, especially our own lives. This is when trusting the universe comes into play big time. Trust you’ll be ok. Your family will be ok.

Be Your Own Hero

Remember the story of the Unsinkable Molly Brown from the Titanic disaster? If you don’t know it, Molly Brown, a tough, gritty woman, was a passenger on the ship. When everyone was understandably terrified on the life boat, she was rallying them all together, keeping their spirits up, driving them to survive. And survive they did. It had to have been terrifying to be in that situation, but she rose above the fear and helped the others too.

There are countless stories of brave people in the face of adversity. Think of all the firefighters, police and emergency workers in 9-11.  We’re in another national crises not too dissimilar from 9-11 in some ways. Maybe you or your neighbor are the current heroes by getting groceries for the elderly. Be your own hero by staying safe and rising above the fear, and most importantly inspiring others to rise above it too.

Remember what John Lennon wrote in “I am the Walrus”: I am he as you are he as you are me
And we are all together

Together, we can do this! Together we can help others by transmuting the fear. Together we are one.

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