Willingness Key

This is another key I downloaded for you from the Universe.

Years ago, back in the 90s, I was part of a spiritual group. We had activities, we meditated, we had experiences. Many of the people were younger than me and had visions, their third eye was open. Or they could hear or feel things. I never could or if I did, I wasn’t aware of it.

One day, being very frustrated that I wasn’t having these cool spiritual experiences, I asked Sarah, the group leader, about it. She said not to worry because I was willing.

Willing? WTH? I mean, really? Forget willing, I wanted to see cool stuff, I wanted to hear things, feel energy. Willing? I mean, really? That’s the best you got for me???

That was a Nothing Burger

Needless to say, I was discouraged. That was a big nothing burger. I didn’t stay with the group much longer. I gave up because I figured I just didn’t have the abilities they did.

Even though the 90s was not as instant gratification centered as it is today, hearing it wasn’t time for me to experience my gifts wasn’t a very acceptable answer. When we want something so badly, hearing we are willing to receive it isn’t enough satisfaction. We want what we want. Now would be better than later, thank you very much.

Willing, but not Ready

It took me many years to see the wisdom of her comment. Why didn’t I see, hear and feel things? I was clearly willing, but maybe not as willing and open as I thought. Maybe I was willing, but I wasn’t ready. There’s a subtle, but big difference. The short answer is it wasn’t time for me. Therefore, I could be willing all I wanted but if it wasn’t time, it wasn’t time.

In my practice I’ve had clients who want certain things to happen, but they’re not happening yet. They get frustrated, understandably so. Then I remind them that they are willing to be on this process of awakening, of changing. When I hear the sometimes-silent groan from them as I groaned when I heard it, I relay my story to them in hopes of helping them see that willingness IS worth something. I know it doesn’t seem like it, but I promise, it is. I am living proof.

Change Starts with Willingness

Willingness begins the process of changing or acquiring any behavior such as awakening, channeling, opening your intuition, letting go of old habits etc.  First be willing to embark on the process, then be ready for it on all levels, then allow it to happen. When we’re not willing positive change can’t happen because we’re not even starting the process.

When we’re not willing is when we get hit with that cosmic 2×4 to enforce change. (Been there, got that t-shirt a long time ago!) Or the Universe will keep giving us the same or similar situations to give us yet another chance to change. If you’re not willing to go there yet, not willing to make that change or take that first step, don’t expect cool stuff, whatever that may be, to happen. Sometimes we think we’re willing, but we’re really not.

Now when I look back on my story I can smile. Sarah was right. I was willing. It didn’t seem like much when she told me, but now I see its value. Clearly, I wasn’t really ready, hence it wasn’t my time, for whatever reason. When I was ready, I knew it, because then I started taking steps to open up or maybe for me the right word is, be open to my gifts. My gifts were there, just as yours are, I just wasn’t open to them. There’s a difference.

Willing to Learn but Willing to Experience?

You can take courses to teach you how to open your gifts, learn to channel, learn mediumship, learn any new skill, but if you aren’t open to experiencing them, there’s your lack of willingness. You may be willing to learn, but you may not be willing to experience. You may be willing to read the book, take the course, pay the fees, but you may not be willing to really connect with your gifts with all that entails. If that’s the case, then you may struggle with your gifts. For example, your intuition may be inconsistent, you may see an orb, but then not see one again for five years, you may hear a voice only for it not to return.

Next time you want to learn something, anything, ask yourself if you are first willing to learn it as in study, research, watch videos etc. If the answer is yes, then ask yourself if you are willing to experience it. Are you really ready to be a channel? Or a medium? For some of us, that sounds cool, but on some (subconscious) level we may be a little freaked out. If that’s the case then your efforts may not pay off as you’d hoped. This applies to being a nurse too for example. It doesn’t have to be a spiritual gift you want to receive to be willing. A nurse may sound good on paper and you may want to help people, but do you really want that job? Seeing blood, gore and sick people all day sound good to you? I’m not saying that’s bad, but it is a possible downside. Think about it, really think about it, whatever it may be that you want to learn or change.

Are you willing?

It IS worth something. Being really willing is the beginning of a whole new experience which creates a whole new world. Welcome to your new world!

TIP: In your meditations work with this affirmation: “I am willing.” Make it specific to your desire: “I am willing to be an open channel for the Divine.” “I am willing to receive….”

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