What are the Akashic Records?
​The Akashic records are a record of everything that has ever existed, everything that is and ever will be. It contains the records of all souls – their past lives, present lives, and possible future lives.They are not actual records you can see and touch, but are stored in the ether. 

What’s the difference between a Psychic Reading vs an Akashic Record Reading?
One difference is where the information obtained is coming from. The other difference is the content of the information.

In a psychic reading a psychic uses their “clairs” (clairvoyant, clairaudient etc) to obtain information. They could be “conversing” with various beings – your Higher Self, their Higher Self, your angels, your guides etc.

Psychic readings often focus on a possible future result. You, the client, receives predictive information. Generally not much information is given to explain why you do certain things or how you can influence an outcome. 

In an Akashic Record reading the psychic is obtaining the information directly from your records. While some people may be of the opinion anyone can access their Akashic Record, what I have channeled is that most people and many psychic readers cannot simply because they do not know how. And more importantly, the records are of a high vibration. They are still being protected at this time. Only those that have studied or trained how to access the records or those that have done so organically, like myself, can.

Because the records are sacred and of a high vibration, there are record keepers to protect them. Not everyone who can read the records is a record keeper. Only some are. I am one of them. Thus my ability has come to me naturally and without the need for training, although I have taken some training courses.

Akashic readings can include past life and future life information and relate it to your current life to answer many questions including your life lessons. The information and understanding you receive can guide you to take appropriate action and empower you to create change in your life, release limiting beliefs, transform relationships and much more. 

What kinds of questions can an Akashic Reading answer?
These readings can answer many questions. Here are some common ones:

  • What is my life purpose? my destiny?
  • Why do I keep repeating this pattern?
  • What’s blocking this from happening?
  • Why did I choose this family/parents?
  • Why do I keep attracting the same person?
  • Why can’t I seem to get what I want?
  • Did I have a past life with this person and why?
  • What are my soul gifts?
  • Do I have money blocks and what are they?
  • And many more…

How can an Akashic Reading benefit me?
In addition to answering your particular questions, readings can also:

  • Provide Clarity – get answers on a situation or person so you can make decisions to move forward or make changes. Having clarity can set you on the path you’ve been seeking.
  • Find Your Path – why did I come here?  What’s my purpose? What am I supposed to be doing? Having the answers to these questions can set you at ease and give you a renewed sense of purpose.
  • See Patterns – get insight into recurring issues, patterns and causes, especially if it’s a carry-over from a past life. Knowing this can put you on a very powerful path to change. 
  • Know Your Gifts – what are my gifts, talents and strengths? Why do I have them? How can I best use them? When you have the answers to these questions you can make powerful choices to align with your true self including possible career change.
  • Life Lessons – what are my life lessons? Why did I choose them? Once you know this, it can shed light on certain situations that may have occurred or provide validation for what you suspect to be true. 
  • Understand Relationships – why did I choose to incarnate with my parent/spouse/child/sibling? What is the purpose of our relationship? What was our relationship in a past life and how is it affecting this one? Just knowing the answers to these questions can shift the dynamics of your relationship in an instant. By opening your eyes to your soul’s relationships and knowing why you chose them can provide peace of mind and allow you to open your heart to them in a way you have not done so before. 

​When you know your destiny, your lessons, your gifts and your path, imagine how empowering that would feel? Think how much easier it would be to make decisions and changes? Envision how wonderful it would be to be living in harmony with your soul. Your life can proceed with ease and grace.

​Akashic Record Readings can provide the answers you are seeking to live the life you desire.

What makes my Akashic Record Readings unique is I can use Light Language to help facilitate your growth, release blocks or stabilize your energy. If you do not know what Light Language is, please see this page. 

Fill out this form to schedule an Akashic Record Reading.  Akashic Record Readings are $125/hr by appointment only and are by phone. 

Please have a question(s) in mind to prepare for your reading. The more questions you have, the more in depth we can go to obtain your answers.