Are You Ready for Action?


We procrastinate because we’re not ready for action. Then we get even more stuck because we focus on the procrastination and beat ourselves up for it or try to logically figure it out. Why am I not doing it? Why can’t I get motivated to do it? What’s wrong with me I can’t get it done? Sound familiar?

The more we stay in that boxing ring, so to speak, and keep beating ourselves up, the more we can’t move forward. And the more we can’t move forward, the more we stay stuck. On that hamster wheel again. See how that works?

How to Get Out of It

How do we get out of that endless cycle? First, be aware that you’re beating yourself up for procrastinating. Then realize you’re procrastinating because you’re not ready to take action. Why aren’t you ready? That answer will be different for everyone.

How you can get yourself ready for action?

Be excited!

When we’re putting off some mundane task like billing that we don’t like many self-help gurus will say to set up a reward for when you get the task done. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t always motivate me. Or it might motivate me – until the next time I have to do a task I don’t like. Rewards are short-term motivators at best.

Get Excited!

To move from procrastinating to movement, get excited! Think of a new way to look at the outcome. For example, if you’ve been putting off your billing, get excited about tapping into the flow of money. If you’ve been putting off organizing your office or your kitchen, imagine how much better you’ll feel clutter-free.  If you’ve been delaying a conversation with someone you don’t want to have, think about how that weight will be lifted off your shoulders when you do.

In other words, what will it give you when you stop procrastinating? How will you feel? Freer? Lighter? Excited?

Focus on Your Feelings

Focus on those feelings, not trying to figure out how to motivate or reward yourself. That’s old school paradigm. If you want to keep working that, feel free, but I’m going for the excitement factor! It feels better.

Once you move into the excitement of your endeavor it no longer feels like effort. You don’t have to push and prod and try to motivate yourself. Now you want the end result of feeling better, lighter, clearer.

Who doesn’t want to feel lighter, better, clearer?

Go for that.


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