Conscious Creating

Ever force a situation to happen and it doesn’t turn out so good? That’s unconscious creating.

Unconscious creating is pushing, making things happen, forcing, controlling, manipulating. These tactics can be used consciously or not. That sounds like a contradiction. We can be aware we are forcing things to happen, but not aware that forcing is an unconscious creation strategy.

We all use these strategies until we learn to be conscious creators. Most of us can recall a situation where we tried to force the outcome and it didn’t turn out so well. That’s what I’m talking about creating unconsciously.

Create Consciously

There is another way that leads to more desirable results – to create or manifest consciously.

How do we do that? How we get into creation mode looks different for everyone and that’s a separate conversation. It’s the end result – the “answer,” the intuitive hit, the inspiration, the download, we get -that we want to pay attention to because that’s the information we use to take action from to consciously create.

Being born with a “do it now” mindset is great, just don’t put the cart in front of the horse. Meaning, when manifesting or consciously creating we want to first get the inspiration, the direction, the instructions from the Divine, then take action from that. When we’re a Type-A or semi Type-A person we are especially geared towards doing and acting and sometimes forgetting to do and act from an inspired place. Just doing or just acting is a form of unconscious creating because the actions aren’t inspired. In that case we’re doing because we have to or need to or believe we should. We might be productive or busy, just not inspired.

Being productive and busy can lead to stellar results. That’s how so many people were successful in the past and still in today’s world. You know the adage your parents taught, you, “Work hard” or “Put in the hours.” Not only is that an old paradigm to unconsciously create, it often leads to inconsistent results and burn-out.

There’s a New Paradigm

Now there is a new paradigm – to consciously create. Many famous and wealthy people have done it. Think Steve Jobs, founder of Apple. Steve was known to meditate to get his creative ideas. Need I say more what he created? Thank you, Steve, for our iphones!

We can’t all be Steve Jobs, but we can use the same techniques of plugging into our intuition. For the past fifteen years I’ve had another business totally unrelated to this one. After being in the corporate world for thirteen years and having a baby in-between, I decided to start my own business. I had no clue what the business would be. My only requirement was that I wanted to work from home so I’d have flexibility with my son.

Instead of reading career books or talking to a career planner I thought I’d just “wing” it by trying that thing called manifesting. Conveniently my son was little so every day when he napped, I meditated. Before meditating I set my intention to inspire me with a business idea. Since I didn’t know “what” the business could be I asked the Universe.  (Refer to my blog post on the 5Ws for more information by clicking here.) After some time had passed, low and behold, one day I’ll never forget I was walking through the Old Navy parking lot with my son in the stroller and BAM! The inspiration hit. Just like that. Just bam! That’s often how it happens.

It Doesn’t Always Come During Meditation

TIP: Answers and inspiration don’t always come during meditation; they can come later so be on the look-out for them.

Long story short I turned that information from the Divine into a business. Based on that inspired idea I took action to create the business, but note it was inspired action. Figuring it out with a book or forcing a business idea because it sounded good on paper didn’t resonate with me. Instead I went right to the Source – literally – and asked for an idea. The Universe came up with the idea that perfectly encompassed a need of my own that translated well to the market and utilized my talents. That, my friend, is conscious creating or manifesting. That’s what Source can do! And that is one of the reasons my business is still successful. It was created from inspiration which lead me to take inspired action.

Fifteen years later the business is still profitable, partly because I run it using intuition and not formal business plans. (All you planners and left-brained business coaches out there, please don’t stroke out on me!  It’s ok, take a breath.  People can be successful without detailed plans.) Intuition, being our link to the Divine, is a tool to consciously create. Ask and you shall receive. It works. I’ve done it and I bet you have too even if you didn’t know you did. Which brings me to my next point.

Sometimes we Create Consciously Unconsciously

Sometimes we can create consciously unconsciously. That’s a tongue twister! What I mean by that is sometimes we create from our intuition, our inspired place, but we don’t realize it. This post will hopefully help make you aware of how your past successes, even little ones, were probably based on inspiration, by listening to your intuition.

As long as we follow the intuitive lead, success will happen. If you see success happening in your business, your job, or your life and you’re not doing a whole lot in the traditional sense to make it happen, stand back and start noticing where you are utilizing your intuition. You may be pleasantly surprised! Then keep listening and acting on it.

Until listening to our intuition is our daily go-to, we often get so wrapped up in the doing and the busy-ness that we often forget to get the inspiration first, then take action.  That includes something as small as our daily to-do list. Ask your intuition what feels good to do today? What feels right? Where do you feel tightness or hesitation? Pay attention to that because that is your intuition giving you a red flag.

Ask Source to Guide You

It’s habit to sit down and grind it out, form a strategy and plan because we’ve been taught that in the business world. Instead, try a new tactic. When you’re creating your lists or business plans it’s more enjoyable, and easier, to first ask Source to guide you, then write it down. Doesn’t that feel better than forcing it or feeling you have “have to?”

These same principles I’m mentioning today can apply to anything in your life, not just business. Perhaps you want to manifest a relationship, an improved relationship, a material object. Whatever it is, apply the same concepts – listen to your intuition first, then take action from that.

What is Source or your Higher Self guiding you to do today? Start with that to consciously create.

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