Do Be Do Be Do

Do Be or Not Do Be? Our mainstream society highly values doing. The message is “doing is good.” You accomplish stuff, achieve goals, mow the yard, wash the dishes, do “busy” work. We stay busy. We do and do and do.

Over-Doing Can Lead to Burn-Out

Sometimes we do too much. We burn out. We get sick. We get overwhelmed. If we’re a people pleaser it’s especially easy to do too much and feel the need to call “time” on occasion. While doing is good, over-doing is “not good.” As the saying goes, “everything in moderation,” meaning anything in excess (or lack) is not good.

There’s a time and a place for doing. We have to “do” at work, especially if we work for someone else. At work, doing in the form of productivity is a good thing. It helps us to keep our job. We have to “do” things to keep our home running, even if we live alone. Keeping our home clean and functioning is important to daily living. We have to “do” to keep ourselves alive – eat right, stay healthy, sleep well. These are all accepted and necessary forms of doing.

And Then There’s Being

“Doing” at work can turn into “being.” Instead of being rushed and pressured by a deadline, take a deep breath, or two, or four, and go inwards. A quicker way to get it done may appear for you if you get quiet and listen. If you work at a creative job and your boss is asking you for more designs, articles etc, step back and take two or four. Then the inspiration will come in. I’ve seen it happen in my own life and I know it can happen in yours too. All it takes is the simple willingness to slow down for a few deep breaths (or longer if you have the time), get quiet, and let the inspiration flow through you. Getting into inspiration or being can look different for different people. Maybe it’s taking a walk or going for a run. If you work in an office, maybe it means going on a coffee break alone. Whatever it takes for you to get connected.

When you take five and connect and just “be” you don’t feel like you’re always running, running, running, rushing, rushing, rushing. You aren’t forcing answers or pulling all-nighters to get it all done.

Get Quiet and Listen

The more you do this, the more inspiration you get. How do I know? Because I’ve seen it happen in my own life and others. That’s how inspiration works. Inspiration is a creative or timely idea communicated from the Divine. Inspiration also means the drawing in of breath; inhalation. That’s how we receive the communication from the Divine. By getting quiet and breathing, the literal definition.

The Divine can’t talk to you when you’re busy, upset, mad or frustrated. It’s like tuning the radio dial and all you get is static. When you calm down, then that radio station comes in loud and clear. That’s what Divine inspiration is like. Some call it channeling the Divine. That’s just another way to say the same thing. Call it what you like, that’s where it comes from. Right now, as I am writing this to you, I am channeling the Divine. I was inspired to write this article. Then I sat down and the information started flowing through me. I am not thinking too hard about it, it just comes and I type. I am just the vessel for these communications. I am assisting the Divine by writing this information so it gets to you. To hopefully help you on your journey.

As a side note, it does not matter where this information comes from via the Divine. Meaning if it’s from your Higher Self, angels, ascended masters, guides, extraterrestrials, it does not matter as long as the source is of the light, from the Divine. It does not make the information better if it comes from one source versus another because ultimately it all comes from the same place – the Divine.

You can rush, rush, rush, do, do, do, or you can slow down, take some deep breaths, tune your radio from static to a station and let the music or in this case, inspiration and information flow through you. From experience I can tell you the latter is much more relaxing and much more fun! And easier. What’s not to like?

Will you do or be?

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