It’s Not About Your Gifts – or is It?

A lot of people come to me because their gifts are coming in and they don’t know what to do with them or why they’re coming in. Oftentimes our gifts or spiritual abilities come in as we awaken because we are more open to receiving them. But that isn’t always true. There are plenty of people who are not awake who have gifts. Why theirs came in and others take so long to get them, I can’t say as it’s unique to each individual.

Are You Afraid?

If yours aren’t coming in yet or are just now coming in it may be because you weren’t ready to receive them earlier. Maybe you had doubts around them. Maybe it scared you. Maybe you were afraid of being judged. Only you can know that answer.

Many of us (especially those of us who are older than millennials) had gifts when we were children but we shut them down. More than likely it was fear, but not knowing the circumstances for each person, I can’t say for sure. When I was a child, I think I saw things, spirits, energy, but it’s such a vague memory I can’t be quite sure, yet on some level I know it was true. In any case, I believe I shut it down out of fear. Many other people have told me that story so it’s a common theme. As you grow into adulthood and get on your path to awakening you are more receptive to your abilities again so they will return. Mine did.

Misperceptions About Waking Up

There’s a lot of misperceptions around waking up. One is that if you have more gifts, or any at all, then you are more awake than someone else. That is not necessarily true. It can be true, but it can also not be true. I’ve seen it many times. All it really means is you have abilities and maybe more abilities than someone else. That doesn’t make you better. I’ve seen a lot of people get into their ego about having their gifts. I’ve seen them talk about their gifts to others who don’t have gifts (or think they don’t) to impress these wide-eyed people. That’s called being in your ego. The ego is something we let go of as we awaken.

There are people I know that are more awake than the average person on their path and even they aren’t loaded with gifts. There are plenty they don’t have. They have their share. They have enough. They have what they need. They are content with what they have.

Why do We get Gifts or Abilities as We Wake Up?

As I said earlier there are plenty of people who have gifts who are not awake. Why, I can’t say because I don’t know their situation. For most of us who are on a path to awakening our gifts come in because now we are open to receiving them whereas before we might have blocked them for various (usually subconscious) reasons.

Part of waking up or ascending is getting re-connected to the Divine. I say re-connected to because when we are born the veil comes down and we lose our memories of who we really are and our Divine connection. (Yes, today some children are being born with those memories, but most of us who are adults now did not.)  In the process of waking up we remember we are connected to the Divine. Part of being connected to the Divine is having spiritual gifts because the Divine is a combination of all of the gifts.

How Do We Hear the Divine?

How does the Divine communicate with us? Through our intuition or knowing. Therefore, our intuition strengthens as we wake up. That’s why many people all of the sudden become psychic. Or realize they have psychic abilities. Intuition is everyone’s main gift. We all have intuition, just some of us aren’t aware of it. Intuition is how we communicate with the Divine and our Higher or True Self, which is the super-conscious part of ourselves.

We may have other abilities such as being able to communicate with those that have crossed over (mediumship), working with deceased who are trapped and can’t cross over, psychometry, channeling, energy worker (which has many forms) etc.  All of these gifts are forms of communicating with the Divine in some way. The Divine is in all of us. We are all Divine. As we wake up, we remember that.

Celebrate Your Gifts

Celebrate your gifts, be thankful for them, use them to benefit yourself and others. Try not to let them scare you if they do because there’s nothing to be scared of. It is just your connection to the Divine strengthening. It’s a beautiful thing.

It’s not about your gifts per se, it’s about celebrating you and your connection to the Divine.

If your gifts are coming in or you are scared of your gifts and you’d like to discuss them, feel free to reach out to me. Understanding, learning how to use your gifts and become comfortable with them is something I help people with. I have seen so many people blossom when they accept and use their gifts.

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