Letting Go One Wine Glass at a Time

Part of waking up is adopting healthier habits for our mind, body and soul. The healthier we are mentally, physically and emotionally, the better we can function. The better we can function, the more energy and focus we have to stay present, in the moment and going with the flow, which is part of the definition of waking up.

Another part of the definition is remembering who you are and being connected to Source/Universe/God (whatever you want to call a higher power). It’s about using your intuition and connection to the divine to guide you in all aspects of life.

When we are born on Earth we are “asleep.” The veil between the worlds has fallen and we no longer remember that connection. (Plus, we’re babies and we can’t talk or communicate very well. Just sayin.’) Part of our journey on Earth is to get that connection back, not cover it over.

Almost all of us cover over our connection with the divine. We do it in many different ways – all the addictions you know about plus more maybe you hadn’t thought about, but that’s a subject for another time.

One addiction is alcohol, which I am going to discuss today. Please understand I am not addressing severe alcoholics. This article is referring to those who are anything from a social drinker to perhaps functioning alcoholics. By severe I mean their life is in ruins and they can barely function on any level. Severe alcoholics are not, by definition, on the path to awakening.

Moving Away from What No Longer Serves

A big part of waking up is moving away from things that no longer serve you. One waking up symptom (see my other blog post or website for that information) is possible food intolerances, allergies or chemical sensitivities in foods and beverages etc.

Another intolerance is alcohol. Several years ago I noticed this. I was never a big drinker so removing alcohol from my life hasn’t been a big deal. First it started with wine. I found that if I drank wine I’d wake up at night and couldn’t go back to sleep. Some people said something about the tannins or quality of the wine and seemed to suggest if you change the type of wine you drink, you should be fine. Since I’ve never been a big drinker, keeping wine in my diet wasn’t my goal. So, I stopped drinking wine. No great loss.

My real drink of choice was a margarita. Hey, this is Texas so margaritas are the state drink. You have state flowers and state birds so the margarita is the state drink of Texas IMO. Tequila and me always got along to the extent that I was never one of those people that drank tequila and next thing you know they’re on top of the piano peeling off clothes and attempting to do (bad) karaoke. Tequila never bothered me; I could drink it without any ill effects.

But then I noticed my friend tequila was no longer my friend. Same as wine. I’d have one at dinner when we’d go out for Tex Mex. Next thing you know I’d pop up awake in the middle of the night and couldn’t go back to sleep.

Some can say it’s age. Maybe that’s part of it but I know plenty of people (think alcoholics) who are older and can still drink like a fish or close to it. I knew for me it wasn’t age. It was part of my body chemistry changing as I was waking up. Alcohol intolerance may not be discussed in many other articles on ascension, IDK, haven’t searched for them. All I know is it’s a real phenomenon for me and may be for you too. As you wake up, your body chemistry changes because your DNA changes. Your DNA changes because your consciousness changes. Consciousness affects every cell in our body. Waking up can cause so many things to happen as evidenced in the list I provided.  Alcohol intolerance may happen to you too. If it does, don’t be surprised. Just go with it. As best as you can.

Do You Really Need Alcohol?

I remember when my son was little there were several moms who would talk about how stressed they were raising a toddler and how they’d pop open a bottle of red at the end of the day to un-wind. Or they’d invite each other over for a bottle, or two, to deal with the stresses of being a mom of young kids. You can have stress over just about anything in life, doesn’t have to be your kids. That is how they chose to deal with their stress. I am not judging them, it is just one way of dealing with it. It was just not my way.

When we wake up, we learn to see stress for what it is. It’s how you react to life that causes the stress. By reacting, not responding, you are creating stress. Reacting meaning there is an emotional charge, while with responding there is not. Responding is a calm answer or reply, not an emotional one.

Ascension is About Baby Steps

If you see situations for what they are, take the emotional charge out of them and take responsibility for your part in it, there is no stress.  Sounds pretty Zen, huh? Well, it is. If it sounds un-achievable or too “pie in the sky” for you, then you’re just not where you can accept and practice that yet. That’s ok. Ascension is about baby steps.

If you’ve read what I’ve said about waking up in other places, there is no judgment or “better than” in waking up. We all start out asleep as it’s our goal on Earth to wake up. A sixth grader is no better than a first grader, they’ve just been in school longer. Same as someone who is less awake than you. Doesn’t make you better and them not. You’ve just been on your path longer and doing the work. If you think you’re better because of it, then you’re still in your ego, then you must “do not pass Go, do not collect $200.” (Boomer reference!) It means, if you’re still in your ego, then you aren’t fully awake yet. Being fully awake means no more ego. If you have some ego left, keep working. It’s a process to wake up.

As You Wake Up the Pain Lessens

Most people drink because it relaxes them or they go beyond relaxation to the point of not feeling anything. When people are in a lot of pain or stress, drinking “works” for them. It’s just not a healthy solution. As you wake up and apply the principles, the pain starts to lessen. As the pain lessens you no longer need addictions such as alcohol. Thankfully for me alcohol was never a big deal in my life so when it made its exit for me, I didn’t mind. If alcohol is a bigger deal for you, then it may take you longer to let it go if you choose. No worries, we all have our vices. When you are ready, then you too may let it go.

In addition to numbing you out, alcohol lowers your vibration. Anything that alters your consciousness in a non-positive way and allows you to hide from what you don’t want to see or deal with, lowers your vibration. If you are still having that glass (or two or three) of wine at the end of the day, it’s ok, I’m not judging you. It just means if you feel you still “need” it, then you aren’t ready to let go of what’s causing you to “need” it. That’s ok, you will when you are ready if you stay on your path. Keep peeling back the layers of what’s causing you to stress out and desire the alcohol to un-wind. You’ll get there.

Deal with the Underlying Emotions

A note on letting alcohol or any addiction go. If you are not ready to let it go and try to, more than likely you won’t be successful at it. The reason is because you haven’t dealt with the emotional issues that are causing you to reach for a drink. That’s why over-eaters gain weight back after a diet. If they haven’t dealt with the emotional issues causing them to stress eat, the weight comes back. If you haven’t dealt with the emotional issues causing you to drink, don’t stress yourself out about having to go dry tomorrow. Work on the emotional issues first, then the drinking will become a non-issue all by itself. When you are ready.

For me, drinking wasn’t a big issue to let it go. When my body started giving me the signal I could no longer tolerate alcohol as I was waking up, it was time to let it go. You may have other issues you can easily let go of as you wake up; alcohol just may not be one of them right now.

One other point I’d like to make. Just because you are awake or waking up doesn’t mean you can’t ever have alcohol again. Chances are likely though you won’t want it. Or if you do have it, you won’t have it often or very much of it. You won’t require it as it doesn’t fill your needs anymore. And like me, it may not physically agree with your body anymore. But if you like the taste, you might still enjoy a glass of Cab on occasion.

Diet Coke-aholic

To give you an example, I used to be a Diet Coke-aholic because I liked the taste and I was always tired so I used the caffeine for energy. Years ago I got off of them. One day out of curiosity I had a taste of a new flavor of it. I had one sip and wanted to rinse my mouth out. It tasted so acidic (because it is!) and so nasty. When you get off of eating or drinking something that isn’t healthy and then go back to it, you wonder why you ever liked it in the first place. You may have that experience with alcohol. Don’t be surprised if you do.

A friendly word of caution. If you see other people who say they’re on their path and are still drinking and you aren’t, best not to get all self-righteous about it and think you’re better because that’s a clear indicator you are still in your ego. When and if they give up alcohol is their deal, not yours. You’re not better (and that includes me) because you gave up alcohol. It just means it no longer works for you and you don’t choose to lower your vibration with it. Hopefully you have found other ways to live life and don’t need alcohol as a coping mechanism.

Add intolerance, insensitivity to or no need for alcohol to the list of waking up symptoms. You may say goodbye to it just like you have to some toxic friends or lovers. When you are ready.

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