What Waking Up is Not

There are a lot of misperceptions about waking up and many different definitions of ascension. One thing I think many of us can agree on is what waking up is not. I bring this up because I had these questions when I started on my path to awakening. If I’m questioning these things, I’m betting others are too. Let me share with you what I know and learned.

Being Awake Doesn’t Mean You Know Alot

Being awake or conscious does not mean you have a lot of knowledge about the universe, manifesting, psychic phenomena etc. It can mean you have that knowledge, but it does not have to mean that. Just because a person knows a lot about spiritual topics does not mean they are awake. The reason I tell you this is so you are not misled by someone who knows a lot of stuff. That’s great they know a lot of stuff and can probably educate you on a wide variety of topics. But it doesn’t necessarily mean they are awake. If you want to learn to be awake, learn it from someone who is more advanced on the path to awakening than you, not necessarily someone who has more knowledge than you. There’s a difference. People can wow you with fluff, but it may be just that – fluff.

Just because a person is a really good psychic or an awesome healer or a really cool whatever doesn’t mean they are awake. A lot of people get stuck on this. It can definitely mean that, but it doesn’t have to. There are plenty of good healers, psychics, hypnotists, mediums etc out there who are not awake. That doesn’t mean they aren’t good at what they do. It just means they may not be fully conscious. If they are bragging about how good they are, then there’s your first clue they aren’t fully awake. Awake people don’t brag because they have no need to. And conversely, just because someone is awake does not mean they are drawn to be a psychic, healer, medium, channeler etc. They might be doing some other profession entirely.

If someone is negative, a gossiper, complains, brags, shames, judges, compares etc, even just a little, that’s a no-brainer they are not awake. Awake people no longer engage in those behaviors. That is not a judgment, just a fact. You can sniff that one out pretty quickly. The definition of being awake is the opposite of those things.

Breathing Exercises – for Beginners or Advanced

Taking yoga, tai chi, chi gong or other meditative types of exercise does not mean someone is awake or even on their path. It just might mean they like that type of exercise, period. When people start to wake up they tend to gravitate towards those practices because they usually promote stillness, quieting the mind and breathing, but it does not mean everyone in the class is waking up. Sometimes these exercises can become trendy and then everyone and their brother along with their whiny kids are in those classes. Use discernment to know who might be on their path and who isn’t, including the teacher. Certain teachers may annoy you because they clearly are not very awake. If that’s the case, move on, find another class.

Therapists, coaches, counselors, mentors etc also may not be on their journey of awakening. Because of the nature of their business they are typically more aware than most people but they may not know what consciousness or ascension means in spiritual terms. They may be really good at what they do, but they may not know much about what we’re talking about here. That doesn’t mean you can’t work with them, unless you want someone who has knowledge on awakening.

Avoid the Spiritual Junkie Trap

Some people can become spiritual junkies. They are learning and learning and learning but never apply any of it. I’ve seen it happen and you may have too. No judgment, just an observation. Just be aware if you don’t want to get caught in that loop. Real knowledge is in applying it.

Other people like to talk about all the cool stuff they get in visions or hear statues talking to them or whatever. Don’t be dazzled by it and think they are “all that” and you are not. It depends on the context they are sharing with you, of course, but some people tell you so they can feel better about themselves, how special they are, how awesome their gifts are.  Just know you will get some cool gifts too if you haven’t already, but your gifts will be different because everyone’s are unique to them.

Love Me Some Positive People

Positive people. We all like to be around them. Just because someone appears to be (notice I used the word “appears”) positive, upbeat, sunny, smiley, you name it, doesn’t mean they are awake either. The reason I say appears to be is because some people put on a really good front but when they are alone or at home they are not the same upbeat person. Or they could be putting on a really good mask but in fact are in a lot of pain or denial. Or they truly are positive, but that doesn’t equate to awake. It’s a really good start because they have probably let go of a lot of the “negative” behaviors many of us take years to release. But it doesn’t necessarily mean awake. Again, use discernment because you’d have to know the person deeper to see for sure. If nothing else, they’re probably fun to be around.

I hope this clears up what may have been confusing you. Part of waking up is using your own intuition, your own knowing. The better you get at that, the more you’ll see these things for what they are. Everyone is on a journey. Those that exhibit the behaviors above are not bad people. They’re learning too. I wish you all the best on your journey.

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