We all have intuition – and that includes you!

The standard definition of intuition is: direct perception of truth, fact, etc., independent of any reasoning process. Basically it is your “gut feeling” or when you “just know” something to be true.

If you’ve ever thought about someone and the phone rings and it’s them, you just had intuition! You were picking up on the fact that they were thinking of you too. If you ever sensed something was going to happen and it did – you just had intuition. If you ever just knew that job/person/situation wasn’t the right one for you and it wasn’t – you just had intuition.  They key is learning to recognize and trust it.

In the past I would get psychic readings. Every psychic that ever read for me said, “You are very intuitive. You could be doing this.” I laughingly responded with doubt, “Oh yeah, ok.”  I did not believe them. But they were right! Once I fully embraced that I had the ability too (like you do!), I started trusting and more information would come to me. And now I’m reading along side some of the same psychic readers who used to do readings for me!

How do we receive information? For everyone it is different. Some people “hear” (clairaudient), some people “know” (claircognizant), some people “see” (clairvoyant), some people “feel” (clairsentience) and some have a combination.  However you get your information, all you are doing is “reading” or “sensing” energy by connecting to the person’s higher self. 

If you would like to develop your intuition, I would love to work with you. Currently I am developing a course on it by popular demand.


Question – Can you read my mind?

Answer – No, psychics are not mind readers. There is a thing called “privacy” so we do not invade your personal thoughts.  We can get a sense of them, but we do not know exactly what you are thinking.

Question – Can you tell me exactly when something will happen?

Answer – Timing is hard for even the best of psychics to accurately predict. The reason is because we have free will. If a psychic tells you something will happen in two months for example and after your reading you make different choices, it could affect the timing. It does not mean we can’t predict timing at all, it just means it can change.