I hope that you find my blog posts helpful as that is my intent. When I write a blog post it is all inspired, channeled writing. Channeling can mean different things; in this instance I mean I am channeling my connection to the Divine. The messages that come through me are meant to be heard by someone, maybe you, that provides a nugget, an inspiration, a healing, an insight…anything that assists someone on their journey called life.

My writing process is not me sitting down thinking, “What shall I write today?” I write only when I am inspired, when I am connected. Then the messages just flow with no struggles to get the content just right. That is writing with ease. Sometimes I am inspired to write more than one post at a time. Sometimes one post turns into two. It all depends on what the Divine is giving me that day. I trust that the information is something someone needs to know or read.

May your day be filled with love and light.