Where are you in your awakening process? What is your level of consciousness? 

​To know this helps you to know which of my coaching programs is right for you.

First Stage – Asleep at the Wheel
This is where most people are – still asleep and buying into mass consciousness. People at this stage do not even know they are asleep and need to wake up. They still watch a lot of TV and buy into it, they watch and read the news and believe it. They are embedded in religion or culture or other dogmas. Our emotions rule us and we often compromise our values to fit in. You may start to have some doubts about life and reality. We are definitely not empowered. If you are in this phase, chances are very good you are not reading this because you don’t even know to read this.

Second Stage – Let the Questions Begin!
In this stage the tiny doubts turn into bigger questions. We start to feel something is missing. Now we question the things we used to believe in – religion, TV, the news etc. We probably blame others (including institutions, religions etc) for the “wrongs” we see around us. As we blame, we are not responsible for ourselves, therefore we are not empowered, but we start to think there’s “something more” to life. We’re still searching for beliefs but we’re holding on really tightly to some. 

Stage Three – The Thinker
Now the journey has really started. We are pulling away from mass consciousness now and letting go of old beliefs from family, school, church etc have instilled in us. They no longer fit us.  We may even feel some grief or sadness to let them go. We start to notice more people who are still asleep. We may pull away from those people – permanently or temporarily. This is the stage where we may change jobs, leave a relationship, start a new one even disconnect from toxic friends or family. We may feel lonely and seek out others of like mind. The way you see the world is changing and a new point of view is coming in. Get ready!

Stage Four – You are Awake!
Questions are no longer needed because you have the answers. You you are now connected to your Higher Self, not run by your ego, which includes fear and anxiety. You know who you really are. Doubt has gone the wayside and trust has come in. You are conscious now so there is no need to blame or shame or anything else. You are responsible for your own reality. You are no longer lonely or need to fit in because you are connected to the ALL THAT IS, the One-ness. Since you have let go of paradigms and maybe people and jobs too, you now may feel called to be a teacher, mentor, healer or any other type of helper. [A word of caution here – not all people in these professions have reached this stage.] You are present and “go with the flow.”

Stage Five – You are the Co-Creator of Your World
Once you’ve reached this stage, this is it! You have done it! You have arrived! Now creating is effortless. In the last stage you gave up the concepts of good and bad and your intuition has gotten stronger. Now you can use that to create anything you desire! Since you live in the moment you are guided by intuition and inspiration. You become very creative in this stage – you may write voraciously, you may paint like there’s no tomorrow, build a business empire – the world is your oyster! You attract like minded people and every day is an exciting, new day. THIS is what you have been searching for. THIS is what humanity is searching for – to live as your “true” self every day. To honor yourself, be who you are, stand in your power, BE empowered. You have recognized you are part of the divine. As part of the divine, you can create anything you desire.

Stages of Awakening, excerpt form Nanice Ellis.