Personalized Coaching with Catherine guides you through the process of creating the life you desire, as well as learning to be more empowered, authentic, conscious and aware. Catherine calls this her “Blissful Teachings.”

When we are in bliss or joy it’s easy to create the life we desire. Catherine provides tools and techniques to help you find bliss and joy.

When we don’t get what we desire in life it is because there are blocks. These blocks may be called patterns, or energy blocks. Whatever it is, there is a blockage in your energy field.

The way to clear the blocks are first to know what they are. Part of what I do is offer the clarity to articulate what your blocks are. Once your block is identified and you are ready to let go there are many ways to release blocks.

Part of my services is helping people let go of blocks. One way I may do this is through the use of Light Language.

We may also work on my unique process of Forgiveness of yourself or others as a way to move forward.

Once you let go of the block, then you can start living the life you desire. Your life starts falling into place. You feel better.  You get what you desire.
I am trained to help you get where you want to be, to get the life you desire.

You May Be Feeling:

  • *A Desire to Get More Out of Life
  • *Like You’re Not getting what you desire in life
  • *Confused over your Gifts coming in and your Spiritual Awakening
  • *Like You Can’t Manifest, but Want to Learn How 
  • *Disconnected from your True Self , your intuition
  • *Tired of doing what you’ve been doing & not getting what you want
  • *Like You Want To Get What You Want – in terms of relationships, weight loss, prosperity etc
  • *Like You’re Not Empowered, maybe feel like a victim, helpless but you want to step into your true power

You May Have Tried:
*Books or Blogs
*DIY – do it yourself
*Psychic Readings
*Other Coaches
*Youtube or Other Videos, Gurus, Teachers

Don’t give up! You just haven’t found the right fit yet to help you on your journey. ​There are different ways and different teachers needed at different times during our journey.  I am usually one of the last stops because I can facilitate lasting change with you. 

As a life coach I am trained to assist with life issues. I specialize in
​*Empowerment & Releasing Victimhood
*Connecting You to Your True Self
*Letting Go & Forgiving to Change, Manifest & Awaken

What Makes Me Different: 

In a nutshell, I have some “special tools” not all coaches have or perhaps I just use differently. As a psychic intuitive I am able to easily connect with your True or Higher Self . This allows me to get messages from your True Self to assist you on your path.

To gain insight on what lessons you came here to learn or why you keep doing the same thing over and over etc, I may access the Akashic Records during our time together.

As a channeler of Light Language I use this unique gift to help you heal, release and integrate.

If you want some feedback on my abilities, read what others are saying by clicking here.

Coaching Packages Available:
3 x 1 Hour Sessions for $347 
3 Month Coaching Package for $997
​Packages include 3 x 1 Hour individual calls per month plus email support.

Contact me for a free 30 minute phone coaching session. In this session we’ll see if we’re a fit and if coaching is right for you at this time.

Contact me for a free session.