Intuition Course

Get What You Want Using Your Intuition!

Lauri T.

"Thank you for the tools to make each of my dreams and beyond to come true. This is a great workshop for all, especially those who are unsure what or how to create what you want in life. I left knowing I AM A POWERFUL PERSON, love it!!!" -


“I highly recommend this course on Creating Money! Catherine affords new insight in a very soothing manner. Although I have read many books on this subject, I learned many new concepts from Catherine.” –


“The Creating Money Workshop is like having ‘money therapy.’ Catherine really gets to the heart of the matter.” –


"The information (in the workshop) brought a lot of the pieces together into a whole, big picture." -


Catherine is like a laser. She hones right in on your blind spots to help you see what you've been missing. I thought I knew alot about myself and manifesting, until I met her. When she looks into your eyes, you are mesmerized by the energy she emits. I've never had a reading like hers before.

Intuitive Mindset Coaching & Psychic Readings

Let me show you how to create the life of your dreams using my intuition to answer questions, guide & empower you.

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Online Courses

Learn the easy way at your own pace with my online courses.

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Intuitive Business Consulting

Consulting for entrepreneurs, business owners, sales reps and professionals

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Complaining is like Coke and Chips

Recently the Queen of England died. I’m sure you heard about it as it made worldwide news. One of the mottos of the royal family has been, “Never explain, never complain.” They are referring to their public behavior. I have no idea if that applies to their personal lives. However, not complaining is an admirable …

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You Can’t See Fear

Our five senses serve us really well. They keep us out of danger. We don’t touch a hot stove because we can see the burner is on. We don’t eat spoiled food because we can smell that it’s bad. What about the things that we can’t see, can’t hear, can’t smell? That’s fear. Can you …

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The Opposite of Worry

When we worry, all we’re doing is conjuring up some imagined risk or concern. Most of the time worry isn’t warranted. We just think it is. Worry is often a behavior that we observe in others and make it our own. If you grew up in a home where someone worried, there’s a good chance …

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