Waking up or ascending is a positive thing, but it can be confusing because things can happen in our life or our body which we don’t understand.

The list below includes various symptoms you may or may not experience. If you do, don’t be scared, it’s normal to feel these things. If none of them occur, it doesn’t mean you aren’t awakening, you just may not need to experience these things. At some point along your journey you will probably feel some or all of these things. Everyone is different so your experience is unique.

Mental/Emotional/Life Changes

  • Your childhood or past comes up and it doesn’t feel very good – The past will come up so we can heal it, become aware of it and make changes.
  • Anger, sadness or other intense emotions may come up – They come up to be healed and processed. It may hit you out of “left field,” but it’s a good thing. As you let go of old emotions you learn to control them vs them controlling you.
  • Life changing events – Either just occurred or currently are. You may get in or out of a relationship, new job or career, leave old career, move etc.
  • Changing Friends – You may walk away from old friends, discard toxic people, including family and make new friends that you resonate better with when you are ready.
  • People come back into your life – People you may need to resolve things with may come back into your life so you can do just that. Don’t be surprised who comes a knockin’ at your door. Don’t let it freak you out. It’s a gift from the Universe so you can heal the relationship and move on.
  • Feeling like you have no direction or lost – Since you are letting go of old belief systems, dogmas and paradigms you may feel you are a ship without a rudder. Once you start replacing the old with the new, you will begin to feel like you have a direction again. All will start to come right.
  • Brain fog on the left side – As you start to use the right side of your brain more, the intuitive, feeling side, the logical, rational left side may go on the back burner so to speak for a while. It may be hard to focus, organize or remember details. It’s normal.
  • Intense dreams – Your dreams may be vivid, you may remember every detail. You may have lucid dreams.
  • Desire to be alone or isolate – You may get tired of being around people or you feel people are draining you. It’s ok, don’t fight it. You are re-grouping or integrating. Being alone is also a good time for introspection, a very important part of the process.
  • Your Goals Change – As we grow and change, what we want out of life also changes. Don’t be surprised if you don’t care about that big house or promotion anymore. What you desire out of life now is more in line with who you are becoming.
  • Wrestling with Your Thoughts – As you realize we create our reality with our thoughts you are policing your thoughts more. The more you are in control of your thoughts, the more you are in control of your reality.
  • Who Am I? – You have done so much changing and growing you aren’t even sure who you are anymore. Who you thought you “should” be is making way for a new, improved you. You may even start to seek more answers about life purpose.
  • Realizing There’s More to the Journey – Awakening is a process. Once you see you are on a path, you know there is more to go.
  • Speaking Up – Part of waking up is no longer being dis-empowered. Part of empowering ourselves is speaking up for what we want and who we are. You may even notice changes in your throat or your voice as your throat chakra awakens.
  • Taking Responsibility – Realizing your life is just you. You are responsible for your thoughts, actions, happiness, success etc. No longer blaming, shaming, judging, criticizing, comparing etc. It’s not about what the other person said or did, it’s about you.
  • Depression – Or going through what many commonly call the “Dark Night of the Soul.” So many changes are happening at once – your world is changing, your old belief systems are falling away replaced by new ones, you don’t know which side is up. Old emotions or mental patterns you thought you cleared come to the surface to be cleared. It can be overwhelming and lead to depression or at the very least, apathy and lethargy.
  • Creativity & inspiration may increase – This is Spirit’s way of communicating with you to give you ideas of how you can help yourself and the planet. It may come in many forms – creative ideas, writing, art, inventions, music etc.
  • Sense something is going to happen – Or feel like you are on the edge of change. That’s because you are!
  • Impatience – Because you know something is going to happen, something is changing in your life, you may get impatient because you want it to happen now. The Universe operates on timing for your highest good, not when you want it.
  • Yearning for Spiritual connection – That’s part of the growth process to feel connected to Spirit, the greater whole, your higher self. The quieter you get, the more connected you feel.
  • Teachers/information/events appear in perfect timing to help you on your journey – It’s called synchronicity. When you are in the flow, on your path, things, events, people line up to assist you.
  • Sensing a presence around you – This may happen when you are sleeping. You may hear voices, you may feel like you are being touched. These are usually your guides communicating with you, letting you know they are here for you.
  • Increased intuition and other “gifts” may start to come in or get stronger – When these gifts come in, don’t refuse them. Welcome them into your life because they are just that, a gift. You may become more intuitive, get premonitions, have out of body experiences, become sensitive to energy, etc. Many things can happen. Welcome them. It’s part of re-connecting to who you really are.
  • Manifesting becomes quicker and easier – You start to really understand manifesting and how your thoughts create your reality. The higher your vibration/awareness becomes, the quicker you can manifest.
  • Memories come back – Suppressed memories, body memories, images of past lives or parallel lives may come back to your consciousness. This is because you are healing and integrating all of your “selves.”

Physical Symptoms may include:

  • Unpredictable sleeping patterns – This may include not sleeping much or sleeping more. You may have a lot of energy or be exhausted. You may also find yourself waking up often at 2 or 3am when the veils are thin.
  • Ascension Flu – As you change your thoughts, you change your vibration. As you change your vibration you are changing your frequency. Therefore, your body carries a new frequency. Having flu-like symptoms is your body’s way of flushing out the old to make way for the new.
  • Headaches or scalp tingling, itching, prickling – When the crown and third eye chakras open, this can happen. It’s a good thing.
  • Dizziness – Your frequency is changing throwing you off kilter. It can happen if you aren’t grounded. Be sure to ground yourself.
  • Digestion issues – Nausea, gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea and irregularities all can be caused by opening or clearing the solar plexus chakra.
  • Too much energy or not enough – Result of adjusting to your new frequencies, healing, discharging, integrating.
  • Hot flashes or sweats – Not from hormones because men can have these symptoms too. Result of your body changing.
  • Shocking things – You may generate an electrostatic “shock” (like in winter when you touch a metal doorknob) when you touch someone or something. You may even blow out light bulbs, electronics, even cars and computers. This is as a result of your frequency changing and your energy ramping up.
  • Weight changes – You may lose weight or gain weight. Many people gain weight as protection. Why are you protecting yourself? From whom or what? Those issues may come up so you can deal with them and let them go. Old fears may come to the surface that need to be healed. Rather than heal them, we suppress them and build up a defense with weight. Now is the time to let the fears go. When the fears go, the weight goes. Some people gain weight as a way to ground against the increasing frequency. If you are one of them, that will level out as you stabilize your energies.
  • Changes in eating habits or food intolerance or sensitivity – you may eat more or less or have odd food cravings. Your body is asking for something it needs so honor it, even if it sounds strange. For food intolerance, your body is changing and may not be able to handle certain foods anymore or just temporarily. You may even become intolerant of caffeine.
  • Vision changes – You may start seeing auras or energy or streaks in your peripheral vision (which are usually your guides). Nothing is wrong with your eyes. No reason to be afraid. You are experiencing new ways of seeing.
  • Hearing changes – You may hear buzzing, amplified sounds, like you are in a tunnel, whooshing, ringing, roaring etc. Your hearing is changing as you adjust to new frequencies. Nothing to be worried about.
  • Smell, touch or taste amplified – Things that once smelled or tasted good may not or vice versa. You may detect or become more sensitive to food additives or chemicals.
  • Skin changes or eruptions – Hives, acne, bumps, rashes, even shingles are all signs of de-toxing. Suppressed emotions are coming to the surface to be released.
  • Chemical insensitivity – You may not be able to tolerate chemicals such as laundry detergent, dryer sheets, cleaning products, synthetic candle smells etc.
  • Falling, accidents, breaking bones – The Universe is trying hard to get your attention possibly to tell you to slow down so you can heal and integrate.
  • Look Younger – In the process of releasing old hurts, wounds, trauma etc you take a weight off your shoulders. As a result, you may end up looking younger!

What can you do about these symptoms? Honor them. If you want to be alone, be alone. If you don’t feel great, don’t go out to that social event. Don’t push yourself. If you need to eat something odd for a week in a row, give in to it.

Be sure to eat healthy, drink lots of water, get outside, get grounded, have quiet time or meditation. Surround yourself with plants, animals and positive people.

Just know that “this too shall pass.” The symptoms will improve, your world will be right again, you will stabilize.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and need help navigating through them or just need help on your path, that’s what I do. Click here for information on my coaching programs.