I call this get-together “Group Empowerment.” 

Have a group of girlfriends you’d like to share some private time with me? 

Oftentimes I find friends and relatives are going through similar issues. A common thread could be change – one person is getting married, one is breaking up, one is starting a business, one is moving.

‚ÄčOne way to help each other through them is to hear and share the same message. If you find you & your friends are going through similar issues, you might find some relief by talking them out together and gaining new insights together. This is where I can help.

If you’ve ever experienced my readings, they can be like coaching. If you’ve ever experienced my coaching, it can be like readings. What I mean by that is I use my intuition whether I’m coaching or reading. My goal is to empower you so you can get the things you want out of life whether I’m doing a reading for you or coaching you. Yes, a reading will look different from coaching, but my intuition and empowerment tools stay the same. 

If you and your friends need a little nudge, need a little insight, need some validation, that’s where I can assist you on your journey. Let me facilitate this energy shift that needs to happen by providing the insight, validation, motivation, whatever it is you or your group need.

I am available by request. Pricing is determined by the number of people in the group and length of time. 
Contact me for availability.