Do What Feels Right

Do you ever find yourself being indecisive? That’s when we’d be better off doing what feels right.

That sounds so obvious, doesn’t it?

If we all knew what felt right all the time, we wouldn’t need advisors, consultants, psychics, therapists, coaches etc. We would just know the answer.

But that’s not often how our lives work.

The Sticky Spot

Whenever we want to make a decision about something but can’t seem to decide, we’re in what I call a “sticky” spot. We’re stuck and we can’t get out. The more we can’t decide, the more we stay stuck. And confused. And frustrated that we haven’t reached a decision.

And round and round the cycle goes.

It becomes very uncomfortable, perhaps consuming us depending on the gravity of the situation.

Eventually we either find a way to get un-stuck or we don’t make a decision, which is a form of a decision, and do nothing.  Doing the latter can lead to more frustration because you haven’t reached a conclusion. Or eventually you may give up on the decision altogether.

When you’re in a sticky spot, how do you typically get out?

You can make lists of pros and cons. You can vent your frustrations in a journal. You can call a friend for a supportive ear. You can hire a professional for advice.

Or you can listen to your intuition for the answers.

If you’re not used to using your intuition, that’s when you talk to a friend or hire someone. That’s perfectly ok, we all have to start somewhere.

Check in With Yourself

Learning to use your intuition is a process. It requires practice to use it accurately.  So, start small. Instead of running your life on auto-pilot, check in with your intuition on all sorts of daily decisions.

Do I really want to talk to that person? If you’re the kind of person who can’t say no, you’ll answer the phone anyway. If you’re busy and talking to them right now would take you out of your flow, listen to that little voice inside you that’s telling you not to answer the phone right now. It’s ok. If they’re your friend or a business colleague that needs an answer, they’ll call back.

If you can’t decide which outfit to wear, check in with your intuition and ask. Which one makes you feel better? More confident? You’ll know.

If a friend stumbled onto some great new program and is trying to convince you to sign up with him, check in first. Does it feel right for you? Or are you caught up in his excitement or persuasion? If it doesn’t feel like the best fit for you, pass on it.

Build Your Muscle

When you check in with your intuition on the little things, you’re building up your intuitive muscle.  Just like going to the gym, the more you lift weights, the stronger you become. It might be painful at first, but you push through it and get stronger. The more you work with your intuition, the more accurate you become and the more confident you become in your abilities.

The more you trust and act on your intuitive hits, the more your life flows. It flows because you’re doing what your heart wants, not your head. Big difference.

Your head tends to fight with you all day long and makes you discount what you really feel. “No, she didn’t slight me!” says your head, when your gut says she did.  You don’t want to believe your friend could do that, but she did. Maybe she really isn’t your friend or maybe she’s just not the best person for you to be talking to at this stage in your life. Doesn’t mean she’s a bad person or you’re better than her. It just means she made an un-called for comment that you didn’t really appreciate. Listen to what your intuition is telling you.

Next time you’re in that sticky spot or you’re doubting your perceptions, check in with your intuition instead. If it’s really your intuition you’re talking to, it’ll be right. And it will lead you to the best decision – the one that feels right.