Is There Someone Who Won’t Leave You Alone?

Why Stalkers Stalk and What to Do About It

Over the years I have read for many people, mostly women, who have shared that an ex is stalking and/ or harassing them whether it’s menacing texts, threats, showing up places etc.  People like that don’t let go easily for whatever reason. The main motivation behind a lot of these people is an obsession. They become obsessed with you to the exclusion of living their own life. Their days and nights are often spent thinking of ways to get to you, to upset you, to threaten you, whatever it is they’re doing.

When people spend their energy figuring out ways to harm another person, that isn’t considered healthy thinking. Wouldn’t you agree? Do people we consider mentally healthy or successful stalk other people or dream up new ways to frighten them? Generally, no. Reason being they don’t spend their mental energy on it because they’re too busy spending it on productive things.

They Spend Their Time Thinking About You

You could say stalker types have too much time on their hands. That may be true, but a more accurate assessment is they choose to spend their energy on obsessing over you. That’s not healthy for them or you nor is it a good use of their time and mental energy. Of course, you can’t tell them that. They either don’t realize it or will do it regardless of what anyone suggests otherwise. They are stuck. Stuck in a loop of negativity. It’s not your place to point it out to them, just be aware of it so you understand why they do it.

For your safety, including your mental health, do what you need to do. Block them from all communication. Sometimes that represents a challenge to them and they will get more creative how to contact you.  Don’t panic because here’s the next thing you can do to divert them.

As humans we are all sensitive to other people, even though with some people it doesn’t seem that way. They are sensitive on a subconscious level while for a lot of us we are sensitive at a conscious level. We can walk into a room and feel the energy. We can pretty well predict what someone is going to say or do. That’s at a conscious level.

As sensitive beings, stalkers can sense you’re reacting on a subconscious level even if you’ve blocked everything and have zero communication with them.

They’re Experts at Reading You

Ever wonder how stalkers and conmen can con you? They subconsciously have figured you out. They are experts at reading you and situations. That’s how they do what they do. They are better at it than most people. They are very sensitive, they just use it for destructive rather than constructive purposes.

Since they’re sensitive they know how to con you, how to hook you and how to play you even after you’ve exited. They’re counting on you getting upset because they feed off of your emotional distress. If you want to call them an energy vampire, you can put them in that category. They get energy off of your reactions.

Don’t Respond Even In Your Head

The ball is in your court, not theirs, although it may not seem like it. Do you want to keep reacting subconsciously? Do you want to keep complaining to your friends? Do you want to keep getting upset about it? I’m sure you don’t. So, don’t. Don’t give them anymore energy. Stop thinking about them, even their threats.

When you don’t respond is typically when they up the threats. That’s an indication they’re trying harder now to upset you. Most of the time, their threats amount to nothing. Not to scare anyone, but I have seen situations where threats were acted upon and people got hurt. But you don’t want to get it to that level.

If you want to involve the police, you can. Never hurts to have added protection or documentation. That’s your choice.

Disarm Them

A more effective and gentler way is to send the stalker love and light. Send them positive energy. I know, you’re wondering what in the heck am I saying right now? Bear with me.

Sending them love and light disarms them. It’s like having someone yelling at you only for you to go up and give them a hug. They don’t know what to do with that. It came totally out of left field and they weren’t expecting it. They may or may not respond well to that so I’m not suggesting you do that. It’s an analogy.

Send love and light in your head. They don’t have to know you’re doing it. See them being uplifted by God, Jesus, Source, the Divine, whatever you call it.  On a subconscious level, I promise, this can work.

Clear Your Mind First

Here’s a tip, though. When you’re sending them love and light it’s better not to be mad while you’re doing it. “Ok, you blank, blank, blank, I’m going to send you love and light!” Does that feel peaceful? No. Clear your mind and be centered before you do it. Really be in a good place and mean it. If you’re pretending or just doing it because someone told you to, that’s not very effective. You have to want to do it.

Why do you want to send your stalker love and light? Because you want them to go away peacefully. No more threats, no arrests, no broken anything, just go away. They won’t know what hit them when their higher self receives this ocean of love and light from you. Well, their higher self will know. Their higher self will know this is a signal from you saying you are done engaging with them, done playing their games. You are ready to move on and you are requesting they do the same – peacefully.

If you’re out of options to get them to leave you alone, what does it hurt to try this? Give it a real go, an honest commitment to clear your mind and send them love and light. Do it on your drive to work. Do it in the shower. Any time you have five minutes or so, do it. Just be in a good state of mind and really mean it. It can work. You’ll be surprised how well it works.

Try it. What have you got to lose? Except heart ache.

P.S. This same technique can be used for people you may be in a lawsuit with, troublesome co-workers or neighbors, pesky family members etc.

If you have a stalker and want to discuss it, contact me for a one session strategy session.


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