Trust Yourself

“Just trust yourself, then you will know how to live.” – Goethe

That seems really simple, doesn’t it? Like so simple that it sounds easy. If it were that easy, we’d all be doing it and we’d all have the life we desire. Some things are simple in theory, but not so easy to carry out. Trusting yourself is one of them.

Why is that?

Most of us are not taught to trust ourselves, to trust our gut. Society doesn’t support that notion. Instead, we’re taught to trust marketing, which we all know is just that – marketing. It’s often not completely true because its main goal is to get you to buy.

We’re also taught to trust doctors. Being human, they make mistakes too. How often have you heard them say they don’t know the reason for your fill-in-the-blank? They don’t know everything even though we’d like to think that they do.

Replace doctors with educators, priests, pastors, police, therapists etc etc etc. Anyone but ourselves.

Some cultures and some parents are supportive of listening to your gut, but many at least in the western world are not.  Therefore, you’re on your own to learn. Not just to learn to trust it, but also to learn that you have a self-guiding tool called your intuition.

When we trust ourselves that means we’re listening to that inner voice that we all have. In some people it’s stronger or they’re more aware of it, but we all have it. That inner voice is our guiding light. It can keep us out of trouble, point us to the best job option or partner, even guide us to the perfect home.

How Does it do That?

By the decisions that we make. Life is a series of decisions if you think about it. Ever day you make many starting with when to get out of bed, whether to brush your teeth or not, what to wear etc. We take those for granted, but they are basic decisions that we all make every day.

The bigger decisions are the ones that direct our life. When you meet someone if you don’t get a good vibe about them then you have a decision to make. Should I hang with them or date them or not? Hanging with them could lead to all kinds of trouble.

Think about your days back in junior high or middle school when friends become so important. If you end up getting in with the “wrong” crowd you could end up doing drugs, getting pregnant, dropping out of school – all those things that parents hope we don’t do.

The same can be said when we are an adult. We could meet someone who’s a bad influence on us in one way or another. If you listen to that gut feeling you will steer clear of them. Problem diverted. If you don’t, well just imagine what havoc could ensue.

Listening to your gut when you get a bad vibe on a person, then, could save you a lot of headaches, hassles and heartaches.

The opposite is also true. If you meet someone that gives you a good feeing and you decide to become friends it could lead to many wonderful things, even exciting job prospects. A random person that you networked with could become your best friend for life. Most exciting of all, a person that you felt good about could become a wonderful life partner.

It’s all because you listened to your gut. And most importantly, trusted it.

What Happens When You Don’t Trust it?

It’s one thing to listen to it but not do anything about it and another to actually trust it, then act on it. As a psychic I’ve had many people tell me they had a bad feeling about someone and didn’t trust or listen to it and suffered the consequences. On the flip side, I’ve also heard a few happy endings.

The same can be applied to a job or clients. If you really click with someone during an interview and get an overall good vibe about the company, you may have just picked the job of a lifetime!

In one instance during the time that I owned my previous business I didn’t listen to my gut about a potential client and got burned. I could sense that she was trouble but didn’t do anything about it. Instead, I took her on as a client only to have her credit card get declined repeatedly. The story gets uglier but I’ll spare you the details. The bottom line is, I knew better but didn’t trust my gut and paid for it – literally.

Why Don’t You Listen to It?

If you can recall a time that you didn’t listen to that inner voice and got burned, the next question to ask yourself is why didn’t you listen to it? Even if we do trust ourself, there are times when we falter. In my case I do trust my gut so why this client anomaly? It wasn’t about greed because the sale wasn’t that much money. I had to dig deeper until I got to the reason.

If your reason is that you don’t trust what you hear, the answer is practice. The more you practice trusting your gut, the more you will strengthen that trust muscle. It’s like learning to play the piano or learning a sport – the more you practice, the better you get. I know that sounds easy but it really is that simple.

Other times you may not pay attention to that voice because your eagerness to meet a person or buy that house or take that job may override it. You can also substitute the word desperate for eager. Most of us get desperate about something sometime in our life and end up making a bad decision. That’s because we let that desperation, the fear, get the better of us.  Before I learned to trust my gut, I fell into that trap. Many of us have so don’t feel bad if you have joined those ranks at some time in your life.

In addition to fear, desperation or eagerness, replace that word with your motivation. It could be anything from being too busy to pay attention, too distracted, not feeling well physically or mentally etc etc etc. Many situations and feelings can distract us from that voice. The key is not to get distracted. Stay present. Pay attention. Be aware. And most of all, when you get the feeling, don’t overlook it, trust it.

Trusting your gut leads to better decisions. Better decisions lead to a better life. Your life runs smoother, happier, more prosperous. Who doesn’t want that? Next time you get a vibe off of something or someone, trust it. Then reflect back on how well that worked out. That reinforces your trust in your abilities. Soon you’ll have a great track record with yourself and be on your way to trusting every time.

If you’re not if you’re hearing your intuition, I’ll show you how!

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