Choose to Know

Do you ever wonder how some people “just know” something will happen? How they feel so confident about situations?

Here’s their secret: they choose to know.

Practice Makes Perfect!

We’ve been taught to learn by repetition. The more you see it, hear it, get it validated it, the more you understand it or believe it. That’s why we have practice – like basketball practice or piano practice. We’re told to repeat it over and over until we master it. Keep shooting those hoops until you master the dunk shot. Keep doing those scales until you are proficient. Practice, practice, practice. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

That works well for physical things such as basketball or piano.

What about non-physical things like repeating affirmations to convince yourself of something? Or getting five readings to confirm that you’re right about something?

What if you didn’t need that to believe it?

What if you no longer need proof, you just KNOW?

Seem a bit far-fetched?

That’s what intuition is – you just know. You know what you heard is right. You know that hunch you got is accurate. You don’t need to question it or ask someone else to verify it for you. YOU just KNOW.

How do you know?

Take the Shortcut

You can get there by practice. Keep practicing your intuition until you get to the point where you just know that you’re accurate.  There’s nothing wrong with that strategy at all. In fact, I highly recommend it. It’s a good way to start.

Or you can take a short-cut: stop practicing and start trusting that you are right. Just know. Know that you are right.

These days the energy is so strong that manifesting is quicker. On the whole you don’t need to sit around doing all the things you may have done in the past to bring about manifesting. Just know it to be true. Know it will happen.

You Just Know

The trick, if you will, to manifesting, is knowing it will happen and not wavering. It’s when we waver, question, doubt, that we bring in conflicting thoughts. The Universe makes no distinction on doubts vs knowing. It acts on your thoughts. So whichever thoughts are dominant is what you will get. If the doubts are prominent, you’ll get that or not get what you desire. If the knowing is dominant, you’ll get what you desire.

How do you get to that point where you just know?

You can look at your track record. How many times did you have a hunch that later proved to be right? You can reflect back on your practicing and see how often you were accurate.

Or you can decide to know.

Choose to Know

Deciding is a choice. Like you decide to get out of bed in the morning or decide to wear blue today. It’s possible to decide to know. Tell your consciousness, your brain, your thoughts, whatever, “I decide to know.” Tell yourself: I choose it.

Tell yourself: I choose not to doubt. If doubtful thoughts come into my mind, I release them. If questions come into my mind, I let them go. I don’t waver because I’ve chosen. I’ve chosen to know that whatever I want to manifest will happen. Period.

“Knowing isn’t that simple,” you may say. It is and it isn’t. If you’re new to that concept, yes, you may struggle a bit at first. Like anything else, you’ll get the hang of it if you really want to and if you persist. Keep working it. Repetition does work.

It is simple once you persisted with it – i.e., practiced it. Or you commit to it.

Commitment is a choice. Committing to knowing is a choice. Do you want to “just know” or not? Do you want to struggle or not?

Don’t Waver

Over the years I struggled and I doubted; I wasn’t sure whatever it was I wanted would come true. Then I reached a point where I was tired of struggling. I said, “I choose to know. I commit to know.” And that was that. Now, I just know things that I want will happen. Because I want them to, they will. I know they will.

It’s true sometimes they may not happen as quickly as I’d like or turn out the way I’d hoped, but they still happen. Because I know they will.

Sometimes people ask me if things will get better because let’s face it, the world is pretty crazy right now. My immediate answer is yes. How do I know? I’m psychic, right? Not to be flippant, but being psychic means I use my intuition. Using my intuition IS knowing. I know it in my heart, I feel it in my bones that the world will improve. I just know.

You may say, “Well, you want the world to get better so of course you think that.” Yes, that’s true, I prefer the world to get better. What if it doesn’t? What if I’m wrong? Since the world getting better involves many more people than myself, I don’t have control over what will happen. Yet I know it will improve. I know it. And if it doesn’t, well, then, there’s always options of how to improve your own world if not the larger world.  That’s a whole other subject.

Stop Searching and Know

When the pandemic first started, I searched hard for answers about the direction the world was going in. It was a pretty scary time when the entire world just shut down. What was happening? Why was it really happening? Where are we headed?

To satiate my thirst for answers I read a lot, watched a lot of videos, talked to people. I wanted to believe some of the positive things I was reading. Here’s where the theme of repetition comes in again – a lot of people were saying the same thing – the world was going to improve. In 2020 that was a bit hard to believe seeing how things were going. Desperately I wanted to believe that.

Fast forward a while. Once I got over the occasional fear and panic, I chose to know the world would improve. I chose to believe those people who were saying it’d be ok.  Yes, I wanted the world to be ok. More importantly, I started to feel it myself. Like the first signs of spring shooting from the earth, I could see it myself. I could feel it. That’s when I chose to know it’d be ok. No longer did I need the proof. I felt it. I knew it.

Instead of continuing to doubt or listening to talking heads for more confirmation I chose to know. I still know it will be ok. No matter how scary or ugly it might get (not saying it will!), I know things will be ok. I truly believe that and know it.

Fear Perpetuates Fear

Why give into the fear porn that things are scary and will get worse? Fear perpetuates fear. We’re all in this world together so if you want it to get better, stay out of fear. Choose to know it will improve. Look for the signs if you need to. At the end of the day, just choose it. Tell yourself: It will be ok. I will be ok. I know it.

To summarize, it’s ok to seek answers to validate your hunches. Or continue to practice until you get to the knowing point. That’s one way to get there. Then you reach a point where you’re done with that. You’re tired of the doubting or seeking. You want contentment. So, you choose to know.

And then, it will be that simple!

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