Humble vs Owning Your Own Power

Would you hire someone who someone who says, “I think I can help you” or someone who says, “I know I can help you?”

I bet I know which one you picked.

We prefer people who are confident in their abilities to help us because we feel they have a greater likelihood of positive results. The more confident we feel about our gifts and abilities, the more effective we are. More effective equals better results.

To get the greatest results it’s important to understand the various ways we view our abilities and gifts. We can be humble, in our ego or be empowered.

Which Strategy Do You Employ?

It’s great to be humble. It’s an admirable quality.  It shows you’re modest about your importance vs letting your ego take over and tell you how great you are. Don’t fall into the trap that humility is spiritual. It is, but empowered is better. If you’re humble you may say things to yourself or others such as, “I try to be a good fill in the blank,” or “I think I’m good at fill in the blank.”

If you’re in your ego you may think or say things like, “I’m number one, I know it!” or “I’m the best at fill in the blank.” It’s good to have a healthy belief, however, we may end up with a skewed perception of our abilities. We’ve all met people who think they’re “all that” but really, they’re not. No offense to them, but they’re being led by their ego or false sense of self.

The third alternative is to be empowered. As we become more confident in ourselves and our abilities, we know we can do fill in the blank. As we raise our consciousness, we are no longer susceptible to our ego. Now we have a healthy, honest assessment of who we are and what we can do, not what our ego tells us.

To be empowered is to know who you are at your core and what you are capable of. It’s not conceit and it’s not humility. It’s an honest knowing.

“I Think I Am”

Many powerful, yet modest, people have told me, “I think I’m a good healer,” or “People tell me I’m good at it so I guess it’s true.”  If you think or talk like that, it’s time for you to own your power, your abilities. It’s more than ok to be good at what you do. That’s why you do it, right? You do it because you like it and have a positive effect on people. Why do you have a positive effect on people? Because you’re good at it! Therefore, being good at something is beneficial.

The more you own your abilities, the better healer (or fill in the blank) you are. The better you are, the more people you can help.

Change Your Words

Right now, some of you may be thinking, “But I do think I’m good at it!” Great! I challenge you to make a simple word tweak. Don’t “think” you’re good at it, know it, be it! Turn your internal dialogue from “I think I am” to “I am good at fill in the blank.” Change it from, “I try to be” to “I am.”

It may seem so simple you’re wondering why I’m bothering to write about this. Words are very powerful. While some words may seem similar, there are subtle, yet important, distinctions. Choosing the right word can effect a profound change on your psyche.

Our word choice is a window into our subconscious. Oftentimes we don’t realize what we’re saying or the words we’re using. Pay attention to which words you use as it will give you an excellent insight into what you really believe about yourself.

Do you “think” you’re good at something? Or do you “know” you are?

Are you “trying” to be good at something or “are” you good at it?

If you catch yourself using words like “think” or “try” stop and ask yourself if you think or you know. If you really know then make that simple word change. If it’s just a habit to use certain words, get out of the habit. Remind yourself to make a replacement every time you use those words. You will be amazed at how this change re-wires your brain to accept the new meaning. It’s a tool to integrate your knowing.

Take this Simple Test

Say to yourself, “I think I am a good healer (or fill in the blank).” 

Now say, “I know I am a good healer (or fill in the blank).” 

Which feels stronger?

You’re right. Saying “I know I am” feels stronger than “I think I am.”

See what a difference a simple word swap made?

By switching to more powerful words, your confidence increases. The more you practice this, you will see yourself for who you really are. In doing so, you claim your inner power, which is being empowered.

If you’re humble, I can appreciate your modesty. It’s time to leave the modesty at the door and step into your power. Be the “you” you came here to be.

Who you are is a magnificent being who has the power to be anything you desire and create the life of your dreams whether that’s a plumber, a writer or a healer.

As you claim your inner power you emit a stronger energy that people are attracted to.  They will seek you out or want to hire you.

Isn’t that worth a “little” word change?

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