Sniffing Out People

If you’ve been around dogs, then you know they can sense things about people. They tend to like some people more than others. They know who’s nice to them and who isn’t. They know who’s afraid of them and who isn’t. Dogs and all animals may not be able to talk, but they have their own sense of inner knowing. That’s how they know these things about humans. They are built with an innate sense of radar.

So are humans. It’s just that many of us don’t realize we have that ability for various reasons. One reason may be because you want to see the good in others. That’s a beautiful trait to have, but not to your detriment. It’s good to know who’s your friend and who isn’t, who’s your ally at work and who isn’t.  Knowing this keeps us away from trouble and out of painful situations. Animals have it as a survival mechanism. Luckily for us it’s not usually critical to our survival, but it sure helps.


Back in the 90s the buzz word was emotional EQ. Unlike IQ for intelligence, EQ is about social and emotional intelligence. Part of EQ is the ability to read between the lines, pick up on body language cues and observe other’s behavior. EQ increases as we wake up.

I know people who are on their spiritual path with many gifts, but lack discernment. It doesn’t make them a bad person.  It’s easy to get fooled by people if we don’t have good people discernment or EQ.  Most of us thankfully don’t come in contact with real conmen, but there are plenty of people we may have met along the way who aren’t totally honest or present themselves one way but really are another way.  Hopefully we “sniffed” those people out. We got a vibe off of them. We were able to see that they aren’t who they say they are. Or we just didn’t like what we saw so as a result we “ran like the wind” to avoid having those people in our life.

If You Don’t Know, You Get Burned

There are times when we didn’t figure someone out and we got burned. We’d like to think if we got burned once we wouldn’t go there again. But it happens. It’s happened to me in my younger days and I know friends who have had it happen to them. If it happened to you, don’t feel bad, it’s common.

As we begin to wake up or become more conscious our intuition strengthens because that is how we communicate with the Divine. Waking up is knowing we are connected to the Divine. As we wake up and strengthen our connection, our intuition, our people discernment also increases. With that we may start to see people in a different light. That’s what causes relationships to end as we shift.

That girlfriend you thought was assertive, now you may see she’s really pushy and rude. That co-worker you thought was oh-so-helpful may really be trying to score points with the boss or just look good to everyone. The ever-so-nice lady at your networking group may turn out to be phony as a three dollar bill. You start to see people for who they are. Again, this is not a criticism of people, but let’s face it, not everyone’s intentions are good. Many people have their own agenda. Some men (forgive the stereotype) may say anything to get you to go out with them. And some are just socially unaware so they may do or say things that are awkward or offensive. They don’t mean to harm anyone, but they don’t realize they may be offending people. As a result, you may choose to sever relations with these people. They no longer resonate with you and you see what their behavior really is.

With Intuition Comes Discernment

When you are on your path to awakening and realize this, it makes life much easier. You are no longer fooled by the pick-up lines or the pushy people.  You start to see people and situations for what they are; you are using your discernment. This knowledge may cause you to end relationships or friendships.  That is quite common when waking up.

The good news is, when you meet or date new people, you will make better decisions. If you have had a history of picking the “wrong guy,” now you won’t because you will see through them or realize they aren’t a good match for you. You will meet more good friends and less “fair weather” friends. You won’t be duped by back-stabbers.

Oh, what fun waking up can be! New friendships and relationships here we come!