Why Aren’t You Living Your Best Life?

You know what you want but you’re not living it. Why?

That’s a question that I channeled for a lady in a recent reading. She knows what she wants, but her guides asked point blank: why aren’t you doing it? She had no answer. Instead, she seemed a bit shocked that they were “onto” her. They knew she wasn’t living what she wants. They could see it. And so could she but she avoided the hard question.

Do you ask yourself that same question?

Cuz I do.

I ask myself that question regularly. Some days I think I have the answer, other days I’m not sure. Some days I’m motivated, some days I’m not. Someday I think I’ll do it, other days I don’t. Some days I think I’m already doing it. Other days I don’t. Well, let me give you a hint here: “someday” isn’t on the calendar!

Why Don’t We do it?

There can be a million reasons why we don’t do something. Everything from lack of motivation to physical limitations to mental blocks. Sometimes it’s obvious why we’re not accomplishing something, other times it’s not. We’re just stuck. We’re blah. We’re unmotivated. We’re just existing. That doesn’t mean that you’re depressed. It just means you’re not living your best life. You’re not doing what you really want.

How do you get out of that funk?

If I had the answer, I’d tell you! [Actually, it’s different for everyone.]

I can tell you one thing, when you’ve been out of the game for a while, no matter what the “game” is, it can be hard to get back into it.

When You’re Ready, You’re Ready, Not Before

That’s when I always go back to the book that I’m channeling: The 9 Keys to Change Your Life. The pivotal key is readiness. You’re not ready til you’re ready. That sounds trite, but it’s true.

Why aren’t we ready is where we get stuck. From experience you can’t push yourself into being ready. I mean you can, but oftentimes when you do it doesn’t have optimal results. Or it only lasts for so long before you backslide. There has to be a sustained energy of readiness.

It’s tied to desire so I hear [I just “heard” that]. It’s tied to motivation.

What motivates you?

Some of us wake up bounding out of bed ready to conquer the day. Some of us wake up with a to-do list already in our head.  And some of us wake up to boredom, lethargy or lack of motivation. Ugh! Another day to fill.

Is it a lack of goals? A lack of direction? Or a lack of excitement?

What floats your boat? What gets your blood pumping?

Or sometimes it’s the opposite.

What are you scared of? Fear is a big motivator.

Maybe it’s your dwindling bank account.

Maybe it’s your declining health.

Or your loneliness.

Or fill in the blank.

Fear can paralyze us or motivate us. Fear can hold us back or spur us on.

All bad things can be turned to good if channeled properly. Like fear.

Fear Can be a Motivator – or Not

If fear is motivating you, then let it. Just don’t let it consume or depress you. If you’re afraid that you’re going to be laid off, don’t sit there sweating it, do something! If you see the scale creeping up don’t stress over it, do something!

But then there’s the head game.

It always gets ya.

If you’re afraid that you’re going to be laid off then your best course of action is to start looking for a job unless you can afford not to work. In which case, take the win. Early retirement!

If you’re getting into your head about why your performance is causing you to be laid off or that you’re not good enough to get another job, that’s different. You have to get over that or else it won’t motivate you. In that case, the fear paralyzes you.

If you can look at your bank account balance and not panic, then that’s using fear to motivate you to find more ways to bring in the bacon. Some people can have 5-figures in their bank account and feel broke. Others may have $20 to their name but still be motivated, not panicked, to fill up their account. It all depends on how you look at things.

But let’s get back to the basic question at hand: why aren’t you living your best life?

You’d think that’s an easy question but it’s not. If you asked most people that you’d get the deer in the head lights moment. “I don’t know” would be their answer.

How do You Figure it Out?

You can go to a career counselor. You can talk to your best friend and hash it out. You can get a business coach for direction. Or a life coach. All they do is make suggestions. They may touch on one that really lights you up. Or they may offer you so much that you’re even more confused.

Since I still haven’t really figured it out all I can tell you is that I keep checking in with my intuition. I still don’t have an answer. Well, some days I think I do. Other days I’m not sure. I think I’m getting ready, then I’m not. All that I can come up with is that I’m taking a break.

Why? For a lot of reasons.

Maybe you’re on a break too.

For those of us who were once Type As, we don’t like breaks. Breaks are for wussies! Maybe you’re not a Type A anymore. Maybe what was once important to you no longer is. Maybe what once motivated you no longer does. That’s ok. That’s life. That’s called growth or change. Going from a Type A person to a Type B [if there is one!] can be confusing.

Maybe you’re asking yourself the hard questions and not getting any answers because it’s not time for answers. That’s been my story and I’m sticking to it. No, seriously, sometimes I’m learning there just are no answers for now. It’s like your Higher Self has an “out to lunch” sign hanging on the door.

Not to worry though, you’ll never be permanently out to lunch. That was my greatest fear when my “self-imposed” break began. Maybe I’ll never get motivated again. Seriously, that crept into my head more than once. More than twice. Finally, I put that fear to bed.


I just accepted this is where I’m at. It may be uncomfortable. It may be unfamiliar. It may be uncomfortable because it’s unfamiliar because I’ve always been a very motivated person. Maybe you have been too. You may still be working. You may have a good life. But it’s not THE life that you want.

Stop Fighting It

When we fight change, when we fight the position that we’re in then we’re resisting. Resisting never gets us anywhere except more resistance. When we accept our situation, we can make progress because we’re no longer fighting it. You don’t have to agree with it, just stop fighting it.

My advice to you: accept where you’re at now if you’re at a cross roads or on a “break” so to speak or even just a lull. Feel free to dig deep. Ask yourself the hard questions. What do I really want? Why am I not doing it? What motivates me? What doesn’t motivate me? You know, those types of questions.

If you get an answer, great. If you don’t, keep asking. But keep this in mind: it may not be time to get the answer. That’s what I’ve found. In that case, let it go for now. When you’re ready, you’re ready. I know, sounds trite, but it’s true. Sounds easy to wait but then impatience kicks in.

There’s something holding you back for a reason. Sometimes you get the answer, sometimes you don’t. And then it just happens. Boom! Now you’re ready. Seemingly out of the blue, but really, it wasn’t. You were riding the wave, riding the energy, until it was time. You just didn’t know that you were. It can be seamless.

Now that I’ve said all of that let me ask you again: Why aren’t you living your best life?

If you have an answer, great, go do it. If you don’t, keep asking yourself the hard questions. Or better yet, ask your intuition. That’s what I do. It never lets you down. It might be slow to answer sometimes, but it’s always right. Mine says I’m on a sort of break and I know why. When I’m ready I’m ready. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

What’s your story?

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