It’s Better than Good

Do you feel like you’re stuck? Not moving forward? Your life just isn’t coming together?

Then maybe it’s time for some release work. Whether you’re stuck at work, in your relationship, or mentally or emotionally it doesn’t matter. Release work is the key.

Just as releasing is vital to our physical body, it is also vital to our energetic body. It enables us to let go of stuck emotions, thoughts, beliefs etc.

Why is it Important to Let Go?

When we don’t release in our physical body we get backed up. If that goes on long enough, all sorts of health issues can happen. The same is true of our energetic body. If we don’t let go of old emotions etc. then our energetic body gets backed up. Backed up in the sense of holding on to things that no longer serve us. That’s when we get stuck. Stuck in a dead-end job or subpar relationship or just stuck in life.

If you want to move forward, you have to let go of the past or old energy. Otherwise, it keeps coming back up.

We all know what can happen if we don’t let go of things that happened in the past. All sorts of consequences can arise that I don’t need to explain. Everything from a mildly dysfunctional life to a wildly dysfunctional life. And everything in between. Hence, it behooves us to let them go. Let go of the past. Let go of that stuck fear or trauma or belief system that no longer serves you.

Letting go is even more important than ever right now because of all of the ascension energies. We are changing and growing as humans. The clearer we are, the more we’ve released old stuck energies, the easier our ascension process will be.

Not Need to Not Know Basis

What I have found doing release work is sometimes it helps to know what you are releasing. Knowing what you are releasing can be very powerful. To stare it in the face and tell it that it no longer serves you and must go is empowering. It’s like breaking up with someone. It’s empowering to look someone in the eye and be honest about your feelings towards them. It’s not so empowering to hide behind a break-up text or email.

Other times I have found that it’s not important to know what you are releasing. Something is stuck, you know it, you can feel it, but you don’t know what and just want it to be gone. It’s ok to not know.

Why is it important to know sometimes and not others? Sometimes we’re on a “not need to know” basis. The reasons can be varied. Maybe it would be too painful for you at this time. Every situation is different.

Basically, it’s like anything else in life – sometimes you need this and sometimes you need that. The “why” you do or don’t need it isn’t important. We get hung up and want to know the “why.” In this case, we don’t. Life varies. Apparently so does our release work. Sometimes we need to know what we’re releasing, other times we do not. It’s that simple. Let the questioning go too.

How do you know if you need to know or not? If it feels right. How do you know if it feels right? Check in with your intuition or gut. If your intuition says you need to know, then dig deeper. If it says that you don’t, then keep on releasing.

Fear of Change Can Slow Us Down

Sometimes when I’m doing release work, I realize that I’m afraid of the change it might bring when I let go of “x.” Most people don’t like change so that’s a common fear. Thoughts run through my head such as, “If I let go of it, what if I’m not ready for the change it can bring?” or “What if I can’t do ‘y’ (a potential task) when I let go of ‘x?’” Often, I would get stuck right there.

Until one time I got a download that said don’t worry about the change. Just focus on the letting go. To worry or think about the change is jumping ahead to the next phase. That’s post-release work. Right now, focus on releasing, nothing else. When I started to do that, I found that my fear of the change went away. By worrying about the change, I was jumping into the future. Stay in the present. Release work is about being in the present moment to let go.

Free Up Space

The other part of the message I heard was reassuring me that it’ll be ok when I let go of whatever.  I will be able to handle the change or do the new task or whatever the case may be. Here’s why.

When we let go what are we doing? We’re freeing up space. Just like when you delete something off of your phone or your computer, you’re freeing up space, release work is the same. Only this time we don’t want to back up to the cloud. Backing up to the cloud in the electronic world means you’re not letting go of it completely, just on that device. In this case, we want to let go of it completely, not keep it in our energetic body. No cloud here!

Once we release, we free up space in all of our bodies – physical, emotional, mental and energetic.  Just like freeing up space on a computer hard drive allows more data to be added, more space means we have room for expansion. We can grow. When we grow, we change.

When we change now that “y” (that future action we may have to take) you were afraid of when you release “x” is possible. Now you feel different. You have a different outlook on life. What was keeping you stuck and demotivated or living in fear is gone. Once that is gone you can run your life differently. Now “y” is no longer scary. “Y” is within your grasp. All because you didn’t focus on “y.” “Y” happened naturally as a result of releasing “x.” It’s effortless.  You shifted because you released. Because you released, you shifted.

Better Good

When we focus on “y” not only can it give us anxiety because we’re afraid we can’t do it, it can also limit us. We think this is the way that change needs to look, but we really don’t know until we get there. When we say to the Universe that we’d like something for our highest good without placing extra parameters, we’re letting the Universe decide or guide us instead of us trying to control the outcome. When we don’t try to control the outcome, something much better than we expected can happen.

The Universe showed me that commercial from the ‘90s, “I can’t believe it’s not butter,” in another download. The punch line was that margarine was surprisingly better than butter. What the Universe was telling me is when we don’t try to control the outcome, we can receive something much better than we expected or imagined. It’s better than good or the term they gave me was, “better good.” Not to be confused with butter!

By not focusing on the next step while releasing, not only is space freed up for change to happen, it also allows something better than you expected or wanted to happen. It allows you to receive something better than good. “Better good.”

Next time you are releasing, think “better good.” “When I release, something better than good can happen for me.” And leave it at that. Not only will that make it easier to release it, it will also allow something better than good to happen for you. Something “better good.”

How do you know if you need to know or not? If it feels right. How do you know if it feels right? Check in with your intuition or gut. If you’re not sure how to do that, I’ll show you how.

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