Resisting Change in Uncertain Times

Right now, we are all quarantined and forced to accept a new reality, whether we like it or not. As human beings we want to control things. This situation is completely out of our control. When things are out of control, it brings up our anxiety. We go into the future. We play the “what if” game. In these extraordinary circumstances, now more than ever, that is a futile game. We have no idea what life will look like when we come out on the other side. It’s hard, I know, because we want to predict. We can’t.

Those who lived through the Great Depression or WWII didn’t know either. This is the first time for many of us that we just don’t know. Thankfully there are no bombs going off in our country or bread lines. The government is doing their best to support us financially through this.

Other than that, we take a deep breath. We go inside.

Follow the Steps to Change

The first step to change is awareness. If you don’t know something needs or wants to be changed, how can you change it? Makes sense, right? We are all very aware we’re in transition now. We can’t escape it. Everywhere we look is change – on the TV news, online, in your home etc. Step one – awareness – check.

In the channeled book I am currently writing, 9 Keys to Unlock Your Life: Creating Change, the second step to change is to acknowledge it. Acknowledge there’s something to change. Check, we know there’s something to change. As in step one, it’s impossible not to know that now.

Step three – agree something needs to change. Since this change has been forced on us, there isn’t much to agree on. It’s here. You may not agree with what’s being forced on you, but it’s here. Agree that it’s here and things are changing. Check.

Step four – willingness – be willing to make the change. Here’s where we get into the resistance. During this global situation that’s being forced upon us we’re being dragged along whether we’re willing or not. Remember playing Hide N Seek as a kid? “Ready or not, here we come!” Well, ready or not, the change is here. You can resist it or go with the flow.

When We Resist, We’re Stuck

When we resist, we’re stuck; we don’t want to move, change or grow. We’re fighting it. Eventually you can give in and accept it (which is the next step to change) or you can keep on fighting.  Fighting wears us out.

Imagine being in a physical fight. Thankfully I’ve never been in one so I’ll imagine this right along with you. Ok, I take that back. My sister and I used to fight when we were kids. She was bigger and older than me so she used to sit on me. I was smaller and younger so I used any trick I had – my nails. I used to scratch her. Where did that get either one of us?

We ended up resenting each other. For years we didn’t like each other. What purpose did that serve? None. Thankfully in our twenties we decided we liked each other after all and were just being kids. Now we are the best of friends. The point is, fighting didn’t get us anywhere except further apart. We wasted a lot of years when we could’ve been buds. Resisting didn’t serve us.

After a real fight, not just a little kids’ one, you end up tired and physically beaten. What purpose does that serve? You’re worn out and I’m going to bet the problem wasn’t solved by fists. It rarely is. It leads to more anger and hostility and the oppressed generally stay oppressed.

Fighting Doesn’t Usually Change Anything for the Better

Fighting this change isn’t going to get you anywhere. It’s here, it’s inevitable, like it or not. That’s what makes this incredible change almost unbelievable. Some days I wake up and I can’t believe I can’t go to yoga class because the gym is closed or go out to lunch with my friends because the restaurants are closed to dine-in. Even though I work from home, my world has changed because of these restrictions. I don’t like any of it but I realized fighting it isn’t going to help because it’s out of my control. Besides, I, like everyone else, wants to stay safe and healthy. So, I find new ways to deal with it.

That brings us to the next step to change – acceptance. Give up the fight because in this instance we cannot change it. Yes, there are times in history where fighting produced positive results – Suffragettes, the Civil Rights and Equal Pay movements etc. That’s not what I’m referring to here.

Accept that our lives have changed. If you’re going stir crazy, assuming you aren’t restricted wherever you live, go out for a walk like I do every day. Go for a drive or try a new walking trail. I’ve seen people in their cars sidling up next to each other to be able to see and talk in person. Whatever you gotta do, do it by staying safe and smart. These are ways to accept, not resist. Be creative and find new ways to ride this storm. Thankfully we have technology so we can communicate online, chat, facetime, Zoom, Skype etc.

What Is Coming Up Inside of You?

Resisting this forced change as I said will get us nowhere. The more important question is what is it bringing up inside you? We’re all right there with you. We all have stuff coming up now. What is your stuff? Get into the awareness of it – step one.

Are you willing to change it? This is where your resistance will come in. Since there’s nowhere to go but inward right now, this is actually the perfect time to explore and let go. Now you have leisure time like never before. Imagine what your life can be like when we get out of quarantine.

Play with what’s going on inside of you. Discover what this enforced change is bringing up.

Is it bringing up suppressed memories of being controlled as a kid? Are you going into victim mode? Are you doubting your ability to earn a living?

Get into a New State of Consciousness

What if you could go to a state of awareness and consciousness where this issue didn’t exist? What would your life look like then? Who would you be? What could you create?

Play with those questions instead of resorting to fighting and resisting.

Remember what Piglet says to Winnie the Pooh: “I wonder what’s going to happen exciting today?”

Get into that space and out of resistance.

Doesn’t it feel lighter, better, happier?

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