How I Healed My Dog Part 3

For those of you that like the deets, in this post I will cover more of the nuts and bolts of healing. It is my belief there is no wrong or right in healing, but some things matter more than others.

Pay Attention and Set Intention

When doing healing on yourself, another person or a pet, intention is always important. As with anything in life, when we pay attention and set intention, things are more powerful.

When we’re stressed out, really busy or just daydreaming, we don’t tend to pay attention. When we don’t pay attention the results can be disastrous like getting into a car accident, or more minor such as messing up a recipe.

One time in college I was making standard college food – mac and cheese. In my preoccupation I forgot to drain the macaroni! Instead, I added in the milk, cheese and butter, then wondered for a split second why it was so soupy! The realization came to me pretty quickly what had happened. All these years later that still sticks in my mind because it was so uncharacteristic of me. But it happens. To all of us at some point or another. Maybe not forgetting to drain our pasta, but something similar. When we don’t pay attention, all sorts of negative things can happen from the mundane to the disastrous.

When we don’t set an intention often times the results are not so much disastrous as they are sub-par. Setting intention directs our mental energy; it amps up the power. This definitely applies to healing. If you approach healing willy-nilly with no specific goal in mind the healing will still work. It just won’t be as effective. Your intention is your goal. What are you healing?

Words Matter

Therefore, when I do a healing session, I set an intention as to what I hope to accomplish. As I had mentioned in the previous blog post, when I was working on my dog, my intention was to deactivate or neutralize the lump. Have a goal in mind. If you’re working on a specific area, make sure your words match up to that area. For example, don’t just say I’m returning my dog to perfect health if you want to shrink a lump. Focus on shrinking or deactivating the lump.

As with affirmations, keep the words positive. It’s better to say the lump is neutralized vs saying the lump is not cancer. When our minds hear a negative word such as cancer, it focuses on that word instead of it’s “not” cancer. Even using the word deactivated is borderline in my opinion because the mind, the Universe, could still hear the word “activated” in there. That’s why I prefer to use the word neutralize. IF the lump were cancer, then now I’m neutralizing it so it’s no longer a threat.

Likewise, instead of saying, “I’m ridding my body of disease” say, “I am healthy” or “I am in perfect health.” That way you are putting the emphasis on the word health vs disease. If you’d like more tips on wording, feel free email me for my affirmations tips.

Say It Out Loud

Speaking is sound. Sound is healing. Therefore, say your healing intentions out loud. They become more powerful than doing it in your head. If you’re standing in line at the grocery store obviously you don’t want to state your healing intentions out loud. In that case, repeat your affirmations silently. It still works. It’s more powerful to state them out loud because of the healing properties of sound. If you want to sing or chant your words, that works too. Anything out loud is more powerful.

Put Your Protection Up – or Not

There are two schools of thought on protection. One school of thought believes we always need to have our protection up to stop lower energies from entering our energetic field. Especially during healing because during that time we are opening ourselves up.

Conversely, another belief is that when our light is so bright, we don’t need protection. Our bright light repels the dark or lower energies so they can’t get to us.

Which one is true? No one really knows. Since our beliefs affects our healing, go with what you believe. Go with what resonates with you. If you feel more comfortable having protection up, then go with that. Protection makes us feel safer so if it feels good, do it. If you’re new at this, you might want to start with protection.

By protection I mean energetic protection. Put your shields up, surround yourself in white light, whatever analogy works for you. There is no wrong or right here. It’s what feels right to you. What works for one person may not feel good to another. It’s a personal thing.

If you feel strong and powerful and that you don’t need protection, then go with that. If you believe there are dark entities out there and especially if you believe some are out to get you, then be sure to put protection up. State it out loud because again, speaking it is more powerful than just thinking it.

If you’re healing your pet and feel comfortable with protection, then state out loud that your pet’s protection is up too. If you’re working on another person, they get to decide if they want protection or not. It’s what they believe. You don’t have to believe the same thing as they do.

You Are the Facilitator

With any type of healing, it is my belief that we are just the facilitators. We are not doing the healing. We are facilitating the healing. Our bodies are capable of self-healing. When you cut yourself, your body forms a scab, then it falls off, then the affected area fades, and then it is healed. Presto, our body healed itself!

Therefore, when we do healing on ourselves, we are allowing our bodies to heal by the energy that we bring in. When we heal pets or other people, they are allowing their bodies to heal. Even when you take an antibiotic, it is your body doing the healing. The antibiotic just facilitates the healing.

That is why in a download I received the message that the healing energy does not flow through you, but rather, into you. If the healing energy flows through you from the Divine, especially if you are working on another person or animal, the energy could overload you. If it’s not meant for you, then why do you need it to route through you? You do not.

If you are healing yourself, then it is my understanding that the energy comes from the Divine into you. You are facilitating the energy; you are directing it. Your body then takes it and uses it to heal. It is a subtle, but important difference I was told.

These things that I just shared with you I was not taught. I did not learn them when I received certification for different healing modalities. They came to me from downloads or communications with the Divine using my intuition. If they make sense to you and you agree with them, use them. If not, throw them out. Everything in life is dictated by our beliefs. Go with what you believe. Go with what feels right to you.

And so it is.

How do you know if your healing sessions are working? How do you know if you need to continue? Sometimes that’s obvious, sometimes it’s not.

Ask your intuition.

Do you have intuition? How do you know?

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