How to Make the Best Decisions

You Have the Answers Within

When we’re not sure what to do about something, what do we normally do?

We call a friend. We talk it through in our head. We write out pros and cons lists.

Google Can’t Always Help

We have another good friend – google. Google brings us answers. Not everything can be solved by google, though. For instance, if you’re not sure if you should break up with your boyfriend or go on vacation with your friend, google can’t answer that. Google can provide facts to make your decision, but the decision has to come from you.

Google can help you decide to take that job you were offered. You can research the company, stalk them on Facebook, basically get the goods on them to see if it’s a place you’d like to work.

Again, you can write your pros and cons list and use your logic. But logic isn’t always the best way. Sometimes everything looks good on paper, but it’s not the right fit for you. That’s what google can’t answer: Is it right for me?

That’s when you have to revert to your super power, your intuition, to see what it says. Because while a job offer may look great on paper, it may not be the best place for you to work. Maybe your potential new boss is going to quit a month after you get there. He may not know it yet or not disclose it, but your intuition could signal you not to take the job based on that information. Your intuition would know that you wouldn’t like working there if your potential boss changed. Therefore, it wouldn’t be the right fit for you. That’s not information that google can provide.

Intuition Sometimes Doesn’t Coincide with the Logical Answer

I bet you’ve had times where the logical answer seemed the best fit but you went with your gut instead and came to a better conclusion. Think back on your life. I bet you can find at least one example. If you can’t, well, then, now is the time to start monitoring your decisions. Does logic always make the best sense? Sometimes, it doesn’t.

One time my husband and I were driving on the highway when suddenly I told him to get off the highway and go the back way. He resisted at first because it made no sense, there were no problems on the road that we could see. I told him I agree with him, there are no problems – that we can see – but trust me on this one. He did and we got off the highway. Later we found out there was a big wreck blocking the highway. Logic sometimes doesn’t make sense, but intuition does.

That’s because intuition doesn’t come from your brain. It comes from your inner knowing, your connection to the Divine and your higher self. It bypasses the logic of the brain.

Bypass Your Brain and Use Your Intuition Instead

Our brains are constantly picking up patterns. That’s how it works. That’s also sometimes how we reach illogical conclusions – if it happened in the past, it’ll happen again. That could be true, but it also could not be.

If you continually picked the “wrong” guy, for example, that shows a pattern of not being able to pick the “right” guy. However, if you want to stop picking the “wrong” guy, you can break that habit or pattern. That’s taking control of your life and stopping negative patterns from perpetuating. While your logic may have told you that you always pick the “wrong” guy, you can take control of your life and use your intuition to pick the “right” guy in the future. That’s called going within and asking your intuition for the answer, not your brain.

Clear Your Mind

Even if you don’t have the solution, clear your mind for the Divine to bring it to you. Be sure to stop focusing on the problem or you’ll never get the solution! You know law of attraction – like attracts like. If you focus on the problem, you get more problem, not solution. Instead, ask your intuition for a solution. It will come.

In the beginning of this post I mentioned how some people problem solve or make decisions. Some people go for a run or a walk or vacuum the floor. Why is that?

When you’re performing a rote activity where your brain can go on auto-pilot and your body takes over, it can free your mind. When you free your mind, it stops the chatter. The clearer your mind gets the easier solutions can appear.

Experts often recommend meditation to clear your mind. Meditation isn’t for everyone and it’s not as easy as it looks. If going for a run works for you, do that instead. No one said you have to sit cross-legged on the floor for an hour ohming. Sure, if you can, do that. But most of us can’t because we haven’t trained our brains to let go.

The point is, you have the answers within. You just have to get quiet to hear them. Even when the logical answer seems the best route, it’s not always so check-in with your intuition to verify it. While intuition can be illogical at times, it won’t steer you wrong. Never.

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  1. We are a two form system of life – how we think about things, and how we feel about things. Mind and brain are two separate and distinct entities, nuff said here for now. Thinking is the lazy physical brain that will shout out an answer quickly. Often times it may not the best choice in personal or life decisions, and offers less pain or effort being the one associated with our habits and preconceived ideas. The mind is the intelligence feature of the spirit body, the feature that will live on after we die. This is our communication channel to God and the invisible aspect of life. It is our unwavering guide and accomplice in this life that provides the direction, inspiration, motivation, creativity and much more for our life.

    When making a decision, ask yourself how you think about it. Then relax, breathe, and ask yourself how you feel about it, but give it time to “whisper” an answer. This is the power of the mind, our guide, and responds with that intuition or gut feeling we receive. The mind will never lead you astray or in the wrong direction. However, the answer is often a harder choice to follow or fulfill. Why? Simply because the right way often requires more work, effort, time and emotional distress. We are inherently lazy, and often will choose the easier path to our chagrin later. Such is life and making hard those decisions.

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