Are You Getting Fed Up?

Are you getting fed up? Do you feel like you want to make a change? Maybe you don’t even know what the change is, you just want to make it? Are you frustrated or irritated but don’t know why? Are you getting tired of certain people or situations?

You may not be getting coronavirus, but the “matrix flu.” It’s time to make a change.

You’ve probably heard the buzz about ascension. Mankind as a whole is in this phase right now. More and more people are waking up by the day. They want out of the matrix, the mainstream way of life. They’re frustrated and annoyed and want more out of life.

Do you feel this way? Do you want to ascend or increase your consciousness so you can move onto a better place?

To do so, first you must increase your awareness. One of the first things to be aware of is that we are living in a matrix. Simply put, the matrix is lower consciousness living or not being aware that you create your own reality. To get to the point where you realize you create your own reality and can consistently manifest, you must go through the stages of awakening.

To further understand the stages of awakening, please see this page.

Are You Outgrowing the Matrix?

If you’re reading this, you’re more than likely not living completely in the matrix or in stage one referred to on that page. You are probably in stage two, seeking answers. This is an exciting phase because you have so many questions. You are learning new ideas and concepts and it’s all fun!

If you are in stage two, you are probably getting fed up with the way the world is today. You don’t like what you see around you. World politics and values are changing rapidly. Even if you don’t follow politics, it affects you one way or the other because it governs our world. You’re getting tired of everyone else’s agenda and all the negative narratives. You might be frustrated, burned out or worn out.

Something still doesn’t feel right.

How do You Know?

How do you know when you’re ready to move on up and out of the matrix? One way is to feel fed up. The other way is to just know it’s time. How do you “just know?” Your intuition tells you. Even if you don’t feel that you are plugged into your intuition, you are. We use our intuition on a daily basis much more than we realize. All of us.

Your intuition will guide you and tell you when something you read isn’t true. It will tell you to stop watching a movie because of the negative effects it’s having on you. You may blow me off here and say, “Well, duh, it’s obvious!” It’s obvious because your intuition is signaling to you loud and clear – turn off that movie! That’s the little voice inside of you that you may not realize is always guiding you.

It’s the same one that says turn left vs right when you’re lost. Or get in this lane vs that one. Or go out with this guy, not that one.

Living in the Flow

If you read the stages of awakening, the last stage is being plugged in, being in the flow. It’s when you know you’re connected to the All-That-Is and can access it anytime. It’s knowing you have intuition and can use it. Intuition is key in manifesting. If you can use your intuition, you’re ahead of most people when it comes to manifesting.

We all want a life of flow and ease and have what we want. We want the life of our dreams. Yes, you can live in the matrix and have a dream life – a fancy car, a nice house, a high paying job. People that want more out of life eventually start to examine their way of living. They may keep the fancy car etc., [there’s nothing wrong with having a fancy car BTW] but they want to feel more fulfilled. They want more than just material things. They’re seeking something more. Something that truly makes them happy and content. Their definition of happy has changed.

That’s when they start searching. That’s when they get the nudge to wake up. Who do you think is nudging them? That inner voice, their intuition.

Going on a mystical journey to wake up is quite common. When Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, dropped out of college he went to India to seek enlightenment. So did the Beatles in the late 1960s. While going to India is all well and good, you don’t have to go there to wake up. You can do it at home and for free!

How do You do it for Free?

Go within. Start meditating or at least do some form of exercise or rote activity to free your mind so you can connect with the Universe. Start reading. There’s plenty of free blogs (like mine!) and youtube videos to get you started. You don’t even have to spend a dime!

Start being more aware. Question everything you read or hear. Is it true? Does it feel right? Do I agree with it? Do I like being around this person anymore?

Notice how you feel. Notice how you feel when you’re around certain people or situations or eat various foods. Do you feel bad? Does your body hurt or give you some other negative signal? Do you feel drained after talking to someone? Do you enjoy some people more than others? Why?

This is how you get in touch with yourself and advance in the stages of awakening. It’s all part of becoming more observant and aware, it’s part of connecting with your inner self, your intuition. Your old way of living will start to get to you eventually – trust me, been there! You’ll feel fed up like you want to make a change. Or you may get angry, which is a signal something isn’t right for you or it’s time to shift your perspective on life.

Not to be a broken record, but your intuition will guide you when you are ready to make your next move, when you are ready to move up the ladder of awakening. When you do, I promise, you’ll be glad you did!

Check out this page too for waking up symptoms. You may see yourself in several of them. It will help explain why you feel the way you do. You aren’t going crazy, it’s quite normal actually!

If you want to learn more about developing your intuition, contact me. Being connected to your intuition will help you get your life on track.