I Knew That Was Going to Happen!

When I was laid up a few years ago watching a detective show I heard another nugget that inspired me to write this: “The future isn’t actually on its way. In truth, it’s already arrived.” 

Why is that important to know?

The Time is Now

As a bit of background on time, you’ve probably heard that there is no time. Or maybe you’ve heard that time is circular. Or maybe you’ve heard that time is all happening at once – the past, present and future. Science is proving this. Time is a construct of our third dimensional universe. It’s a little hard to wrap our heads around that. It’s too complicated to get into the physics, so just know it is true if it feels right to you.

From a manifesting and affirmation point of view we’ve been taught to write and think in the present as if what you desire is already here. The quantum reason is as stated above – there is no future so why write affirmations that way? Besides, you want it now, not six months from now so why focus on the future? Since most of us can’t get our heads around that concept because we’re humans and we live in the third dimension; a more practical answer is this.

Let the Universe Guide You

It’s the Universe’s job to answer the 5Ws [CLICK HERE] of when and how something will happen. We don’t need to get hung up on the details, especially the when. Take your hand off the wheel, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride because the Universe is our GPS.  When you can learn to trust in that, life flows much easier because you’re not pushing and forcing. You’re letting it happen, being guided by a force that knows best – the Universe, your Higher Self, your intuition, whatever you want to call it.

By speaking in the present tense, it allows our mind to stay here, not jump ahead. Be in the present and know it will happen. The present is where the power is because we only have now. When our mind goes to the future, we go down a rabbit hole that we can’t control. That’s when anxiety kicks in. We only have control over right here, right now.

With that said, if you can control the present and the present is the future, then doesn’t it make sense to work with what you already have – the now, the present?

Don’t worry about what might or might not happen. Know that first of all it will happen because you’re going to make it happen with your intentions and manifesting. Second, it already is happening! Take some comfort in that.

It’s Pre-Sent

Have you heard this phrase: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, that’s why we call it the present.” Someone took that concept further. It’s not just the present, it’s pre-sent. Meaning, all of your visualizing, sending out intentions etc. in the present IS what’s creating the future. And since the future really is now, whatever you’re doing now is creating your future.

Can you wrap your head around that?

I know it’s a lot to grasp, but not too much of a stretch if you understand the principles of manifesting.

That’s another reason we don’t want to get caught up in what the future MIGHT hold – because it’s already here, created by your thoughts and actions.

Life is Like a Road Trip

It’s kind of like going on a road trip. Your destination is set, your route is planned, it’s just a matter of time to get you there. You know you will get there because you’re driving or flying to that location. Your life is like that too. You know you will get there because you have set your course by intending and manifesting.

Yes, sometimes on a road trip there are traffic problems on or a flight there could be turbulence or storms that slow you down. The same is true of life. If you’ve set your course, you could still have some bumps along the way or other obstructions that hinder your progress.

If you have your mind set on your destination, you will reach it whether driving, flying or manifesting. It’s a matter of not giving up when the bumps happen. Know that some bumps are normal. How big your bumps are depend on your attitude about them. If they freak you out, you’ll have a larger setback than if you just chill and take it in stride. The more you stay in the future, the more you could create bumps by worrying about them.

Imagine you could instantly manifest. If you were worried about arriving there on time via your road trip and you imagined all kinds of traffic jams, guess what will probably happen? Traffic jams. Why? Because you worried about them, so you created them.

One time my husband and I were on a road trip and there were a lot of trucks, some of them dump trucks with gravel, on the highway. He was frustrated and said he was upset because one of them could throw a rock and hit our windshield.  And guess what happened in literally like less than fifteen minutes? One hit our windshield! I kid you not. That’s almost instant manifesting. He let his future worry affect our present and it did.

Maybe you say something as seemingly harmless as, “I’ll never find a parking spot!” And guess what? You don’t. Or you have to park in the way back or in an auxiliary parking lot or have to circle the parking garage several times before someone leaves and gives you a spot.

Just as a tip, when I go somewhere crowded I often visualize getting a parking spot close by or easily.

We do and say things like that all of the time and don’t realize it. Now that you know this, I encourage you to stay out of the future. Don’t voice your concerns out loud because words are very powerful as demonstrated by my husband.

How Do You Know You’ll Get There?

How do you know you will reach your destination, your goal, whatever it is you want to manifest?

You KNOW it.

How do you know it?

Check in with your intuition. You know, that tool that never lets you down. Once you are familiar with using your intuition and letting it guide you, you won’t have to worry and question because you’ll know you’ll get what you want. No questions asked!

Then bring in all the principles of manifesting that you know about to make it happen.

As John Luke Picard says on Star Trek, “Make it so.”

If you want to learn more about trusting your intuition, contact me.