Be Careful What You Wish For!

You know the saying, “Be careful what you wish for!” How many times have you gotten your wish and then regretted it? Then you wished you’d paid more attention, put more thought into it or had a better understanding of what you were wishing for.

Like you finally met a guy (your desire) but he was so not what you wanted?

How do we avoid regretting our wish that we manifested?

By paying more attention to our wishes and desires.

By being conscious and present when we create. It’s the difference between unconscious creating and creating consciously. When we unconsciously create it’s like the shotgun approach – you may get what you want or you may not.  One shot may hit the target or it may not.

When you consciously create or manifest with intention, you’re much more likely to get your desired result.


Because you’re letting the Universe know what you want, your intention, and then you stick to it with your thoughts and actions.

We Manifest All the Time

Actually, we manifest all the time.

Whether we realize it or not.

For example, if you’re going to wash the dishes you say in your head that you’re going to wash the dishes, then you do. You set an intention. You basically manifested clean dishes by washing them. We do things like that all of the time.

The rote activities in life like washing the dishes don’t take much attention. We know what we’re doing because we’re on auto-pilot. Washing the dishes also isn’t something as desirous as manifesting a new car, new partner or a new job.  To do that, it takes more effort. It takes consciously paying attention to what you’re doing.

How do we start the manifesting process?

By setting an intention.

Intentions Are Super-Charging Your Desires

Yes, the universe will bring you whatever you focus on regardless, but setting an intention is like super-charging your desire. Intentions are putting your attention on what you want to focus on, what you want to manifest. They’re like using a laser beam of focused light vs a flashlight that scatters light everywhere.

Even though an intention is little more than an idea or statement, this simple act carries the power to propel you to what you desire. It’s how you begin to create what you want. It’s like pushing the “start” button on a device or a video. You can think about pushing the start button but until you do, you haven’t started.

We often push the start button without realizing it. We do it without thinking. We manifest without thinking. That’s why we don’t give intentions much thought. We talk a lot of “smack” about intentions such as: “I didn’t intend to do that.” or “That wasn’t my intention to…”  We don’t give them much weight. It’s like something to say to get out of it, using them as an excuse.

They are anything but an excuse!

Intentions are your declaration to the Universe that this is what you want. It’s like shouting it from the rooftops with glee vs stating it in a monotone voice.  Which one sounds more powerful and fun?

It’s Like Shouting from the Rooftops!

An intention is saying what you want out loud with conviction. It’s like placing your order with the Universe and committing to it. This is what you desire to happen. Not that or that, but this. It’s your resolve to make things happen.  It’s your deepest desires coming to fruition starting with that one simple act of setting an intention.

Intentions are like the seeds you plant in the garden. You sew them knowing your plants will come up (as long as you tend to them, of course). Just like when manifesting you expect your outcome to occur as long as you follow the principles. You can’t have squash or zucchini or tomatoes without first planting the seeds.

You Have to Plant the Seeds

You can’t get what you desire without planting those seeds, or rather, sending out into the Universe your desire by stating your intention.  You have to know what you want before you can get it, right? That only makes sense. It’s like eating dinner – you have to know what you want to eat before you can cook it, right?

The law of attraction doesn’t discriminate or judge. Whatever you wish for, focus on, put your energy and thoughts into, you’ll get. If you’re not careful monitoring those things, you will get what you wished for or focused on, which may not be what you really wanted.

The Universe gives you what you put out there. Because we are co-creators and hence very powerful, we really do have to be careful what we wish for! Don’t wish it, intend it. Intending is much more powerful that wishing. Wishing is wishy-washy, hence the phrase. Wishing is hoping it’ll come true, like it’s out of your hands. Intending is knowing it will come true. It’s your power card.

If the seed is your intention and is what you desire, then it’s important to know your desire when you plant the seed. Only makes sense, right? If you want squash, don’t plant tomato seeds! Plant each seed with a clear intention and purpose.

Do it with Purpose

Why is this so important?

Creating and setting intentions is a way to send clear and well-thought-out wishes and desires into the Universe. This ensures that you are attracting what you really want into your reality. You’re not willy-nilly scattering seeds to the wind and hoping and wishing for the best. You’re doing it with purpose.

Intentions put you in the driver’s seat when manifesting. They are empowering because you are in control of what you want. They are an easy way to get out of hoping and wishing and give you the power to create a better life.


Because they’re easy. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to state an intention. They’re enjoyable because you’re talking about what you want. Best of all they give you direction and a clear focus. If it’s easy to do, you’ll do it. If it’s enjoyable, you’ll want to do it. And with clear direction, you can keep your focus on it and stop wishing and hoping. All of which will ensure you are going where you want to go and getting what you desire. You are empowered!

How do you know if you’re setting an intention vs just wishing and hoping? Ask your intuition. It will tell you the difference. As you can see, there is a big difference. Don’t you want to know if you’re on the right track? As your super power to guide you!

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