Wow, She is a Snob!

Looking for Evidence to Support Our Beliefs

When we believe something, we look for evidence to support those beliefs. For example, if you meet someone for the first time at work and they aren’t very friendly to you, you might immediately assume she’s not a friendly person. Maybe you even conclude that she’s a snob. That becomes your belief about her. From then on you continually look for proof that she’s not friendly. She didn’t say hi to you again today. She didn’t say hi to someone else either. She ignores you at the water cooler. Whatever the case may be. You’ve determined she isn’t friendly, so now all you see is she’s not friendly. Your beliefs have been confirmed. That lady is a snob!

All because you jumped to conclusions about her that lead to forming a belief about her. A belief that probably isn’t true. You made it true by looking for proof of it.

For all you know she has a hearing deficit or she’s super shy. There could be many reasons why she isn’t saying hi. You know the phrase, “Don’t jump to conclusions!” Because when we do, we form inaccurate beliefs.

Just Because Your Parents Told You, Doesn’t Make it True!

We do the same thing with ourselves. Maybe your parents drummed into your head that you were stupid. As a result, you grew up thinking that you’re stupid. It becomes the self-fulfilling prophecy and then you don’t do so well in school. Now your test results support your belief (that your parents gave you) that you’re stupid. So voila, you must be stupid! All because your parents told you that you were.

See how that works?

What your parents said about you wasn’t true, but you believed it because they’re your parents. Then you went to school and your grades reflected it, so therefore, it must be true. As an adult you struggle with life because you think you’re stupid, when you’re not.

Why is this important to know?

Because we do this when we’re manifesting. We don’t believe we can get whatever it is that we want because of our beliefs surrounding it.

Don’t Let Your Beliefs Hold You Back by Looking for Proof

Say for example you want to meet a certain type of guy, a different kind of guy than you normally date. A guy who’s a “step above” the others. If you lack confidence in yourself, then you’re probably thinking you can’t get that type of guy because he’s out of your league. You believe you can’t get him.

Take Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman” as an example. Yes, she was a hooker and was paid to be with Mr. good looking rich guy. She was worthy of him in her mind only because he paid for her. He was definitely many steps above her socially and financially. She didn’t believe he’d like her for anything other than what she was – a paid “companion.” Because she didn’t believe she could ever get a guy like him she continually looked for the evidence to support that belief. She told herself he can’t possibly like her for herself.

What she wasn’t realizing though, was that while yes, he paid for her to be with him, he actually liked her for herself. Even though she may’ve been several steps “below” him, he still liked her.

What we didn’t see because this is a movie, was real life setting in later. How about the time he took her out to eat and the shrimp flew off her plate? She made one social gaffe after the other. She wasn’t accustomed to his world. If the story continued, we’d see more blunders while she learned the ways of his world. She may eventually give up because all she could see was the proof that she didn’t fit in – all her missteps.

We might see an entirely different real world ending – the relationship wouldn’t work out because she’d convinced herself she could never be up to his and his world’s standards. Because she never believed she could get a guy like that, she’d end up making it come true. The story wouldn’t have the fairy tale ending, but a more realistic one.

Don’t Let Your “Proof” Cancel Out Your Efforts

The same is true for us. When we’re manifesting, we want to make sure our beliefs aren’t going to cancel out our efforts. You can do all the visualizations and affirmations that you want, but if you believe you can’t get what you want, you won’t.

If you keep looking for evidence that you won’t get what you want, then you won’t.

How do you know you’ll get what you want, then?

You have to believe it and know it.

How do you do that?

There are many ways to let go of beliefs that don’t serve us and create new ones, but I won’t go into that here.

Believing isn’t as certain as knowing so your belief must turn into a knowing. Know for sure that you’ll get what you want.

How do You Know that You’ll Get What You Want?

How do you move from believing to knowing?

Ask your intuition, your higher self. Yes, I know, that seems to be my answer for everything. Well, it is. Our intuition is a wonderful gift that we all have. Most of us don’t use it or use it in full. I write these blog posts talking about it so that you can see just how useful your intuition is. It has many uses! It’s not limited to finding the right parking spot at the right time or accurately predicting the gender of an unborn baby. It’s much more than that.

If you want to meet that guy who’s a step above you, first work on believing that you can. Boost your confidence. Then know you can by asking your intuition to confirm it. Then stay the course.

When you ask a psychic if you’ll meet a guy and they say yes, that’s great. But don’t just take their word for it – know it yourself. Check in with your intuition to confirm it. If psychics are just validating what you already suspect – that yes, you’ll meet a guy – then you’re halfway there. Next time, instead of asking them to confirm what you know to be true, stick with what your gut is telling you. Because you’re right!

Your Super Power Will Never Steer You Wrong!

Intuition is always right and it never steers you wrong. It will bust up all those inaccurate beliefs too. If your parents told you that you were stupid and you believed it, go back and ask your intuition now if you are. If you haven’t already figured out that you’re not stupid, your intuition will tell you that you’re not.

The same with the guy. Ask your intuition if you can get this type of guy even though you haven’t in the past. You may want him, but if you don’t believe you can get him, you won’t. Apply that concept to anything and everything that you’ve been believing inaccurately about yourself.

The truth is we’re all capable of just about anything. We have to believe it and stop looking for proof that we’re not capable. So, how do you know? Ask your intuition!

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