Use Your Cheat Codes

Some of us want to know the secrets of the Universe. How does it work? Not just scientifically but energetically, spiritually. How does sacred geometry fit in? What are portals exactly? Is reincarnation real? All that good stuff and deeper. My inquiring mind always wants those answers.

However, I was given an analogy. Let’s say you are going out to eat. Normally we don’t think too hard about the details, we just know we like the food. We don’t give much thought to questions like is the food organic? Where do they get it? How do they prepare it? Is the kitchen clean? Is the cook in a good frame of mind? No, we just eat. It tastes good, so we eat.

That’s neither good nor bad, it is just typical human behavior.

It’s on a Need-to-Know Basis

The same is true with the secrets of the Universe. Most people don’t want or need to know, they just live. Not a lot of questions, they go on about life. Eat, sleep, love, work. Neither good nor bad, just what most of us do.

There are some of us that are a bit pickier about where we eat, so to speak. We might want to know if the food is organic or not. Then we’ll decide whether to eat there. It’s perfectly ok to want more information to make a decision. Those are the people seeking quality, not quantity.

Which is likened to wanting the cheat codes for life.

Most of us don’t need to know the answers to all of those (and more) questions posited above about food sourcing etc. We don’t all need to know the secrets of the Universe either. I was told that is on a need-to-know basis. If you need to know some of those things, you’ll be shown. If you don’t need to know, then you won’t be given that information. Maybe never. Maybe later.

If we don’t need all the secrets of the Universe, then having the cheat codes will at least make life easier.

What are cheat codes?

Cheat codes are things that can help make life easier.

What are they?

They’re things like intuition, intention and the many concepts of manifesting.

More and more people are seeking answers. They want to develop their intuition or learn how to manifest. I was told eventually we’re all going to need to know how to do these things. Those of us that already know are teaching others. When they learn, they turn around and teach others. And so the cycle goes.

You’ve probably heard that the world is waking up or ascending. Learning the cheat codes is part of that waking up process. First, we must be aware that we want to change or wake up. Then we start on the journey. Then we can start to access the cheat codes.

Intuition is our GPS

Intuition is like our GPS. It tells us where and how to go. Intention is our direction. It’s like setting the destination in the GPS. Without a destination, how can you know where to go? Manifesting is the road map. It uses our intuition, our GPS, to map out the journey. It is a tool to help us get where we are going. They are all tools. Or cheat codes.

There are many cheat codes I was told. Use them and your life will flow. You will receive what you desire in life. Much of the esoteric knowledge that some of us crave is interesting but not necessary to live. It won’t help us get where we’re going. It won’t help us get where we’re going any quicker. It’s like watching TV or a video. It’s fun. It’s entertaining, but it doesn’t enhance your life.

What is life about anyway? Being content, being in the moment, being in the flow. It’s the opposite of drama. It’s the opposite of fear, anxiety, paranoia etc.

I read for many people. The majority of people, not all mind you, have some drama in their lives. That’s why they want the reading. They want answers to burning questions like is he cheating on me? Will I meet someone? Will I make more money? Things like that.

If you are plugged in and in the flow, you don’t need me to answer those questions. In fact, you won’t have those questions. Please understand, that is not a criticism by any means. I used to get readings too. I was the person who came with a list of questions.

Follow Your Heart

The reason intuition is a cheat code is because it gives you the answers. A lady I read for the other day had some tough decisions to make. During our time I gave her as much information as I could but at the end of the day, she had to make the decision and she knew that. As our time neared an end, she was still very conflicted. She didn’t know which way to go. In conclusion I told her to follow her heart because it always has the answers.

She said the problem is when she follows her heart, she gives in and makes bad people decisions. We were using the phrase “follow your heart” differently. What she was referring to was really tugging at her heart strings. That is different than following your heart. To help her understand I changed the word heart to gut. Then it made sense to her what I was saying. Her gut was giving her an answer that she could barely hear, but she heard it and questioned it. I was just there to explain and validate what her gut was saying.

I believe our intuition lies in our heart. And our gut. Some people say gut, some say heart. That’s where she got confused. Don’t follow your heart strings as in get manipulated by someone. Follow what your gut is saying about whether that person is doing right by you or not. That’s why I encouraged her to look inside and see if her gut resonated with what I told her. If it did, then choose that. If it doesn’t, then make a different choice. All I can do is provide information. She gets to decide whether it feels right to her or not.

Recently while watching a TV show, it was stated that according to the ancients there is a dark spot on our heart where our soul enters and exits. It felt right to me. Maybe it’s not a dark spot but there supposedly is a spot in the heart that is connected to our soul. It’s the spot where our heart beat originates. Since our soul is the seat of our intuition it makes perfect sense to me that our intuition is in our heart. And our gut. That’s why we get a “gut feeling.”

No matter where our intuition resides, we all have it. When we ask it, we get answers. When we apply it, that’s using our cheat code. It’s not cheating like cheating on a test or on our taxes, it’s cheating in a good way. Like a hack. If you are given a life hack, why not use it?

If you’re not sure how to apply the life hack, that is a different story.

If you’re not sure how to use your cheat codes, your intuition, then let me show you how.

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