Fifty-One Shades of Positivity

You Only Have to be Positive 51% of the Time

For all you perfectionists out there, let yourself off the hook! You only have to be positive fifty-one per cent of the time. It’s ok, really it is, to not strive for one hundred percent. It’s almost impossible for anyone to do anything one hundred per cent right. Or think positively one hundred per cent of the time. The key is in the auto-correcting.

If you get off track, it’s ok, notice it, discard it and move on. It’s normal to have some negative thoughts or doubts, even if for only a second or once a year. We’re human.

The good news is, you don’t have to strive for one hundred per cent of the time. Just the majority:  fifty-one per cent. If you exceed that, great. If you hit it right on target, that’s great too.

Positive Thinking is Part of Ascension

If you’ve been keeping up with ascension, thinking positively is required to ascend. If your thoughts are centered around resentment, revenge, frustration, worry, doubt etc. your vibration is lower. Lower vibrations do not ascend, higher ones do. Higher vibrational states are positive ones such as kindness, encouragement, thoughtfulness and of course the big ones: love and gratitude.

There are many opinions as to what is really going on with this pandemic. I won’t get into any political or conspiracy theories here. If you’ve been reading or following any spiritual leaders through this crisis, they are all saying this pandemic is giving us the time to go inward. Contemplate your life, evaluate. Ascension is coming.  Now is the time to clean up your thinking and push the needle into the positive zone. As I said, only fifty-one percent is required. That’s the good news!

Manifesting Requires Positive Thinking Too

Even if you don’t care about or believe in ascension, having your thoughts be positive the majority of the time is also necessary for manifesting. We all want to manifest something. The Law of Attraction material goes by this guideline as well.

For example, if you want to manifest a sports car but most of the time when you dial in to your thoughts, they aren’t centered around how exciting it will be to drive that new car. Instead they are focused on how will I pay for it etc. You are full of doubt as to how you will manifest it. Suspend your belief in the negative zone and push it into the positive zone by knowing you will get your car – only fifty-one percent of the time!

Same strategy for non-material things. If you want to improve your relationship with someone yet find most of your thoughts are about how they aren’t cooperative, are annoying, disrespectful etc., that isn’t doing much to improve your relationship. Remember, only fifty-one percent of the time (or more) do you need to think positively about it.

If you’re working on self-healing, the same rule applies. While it’s hard not to notice when you’re in pain or discomfort, do your best to project positive healing thoughts fifty-one percent of the time. That’s all.

We all know positive thinking about what you want to manifest is required to get it. So, no matter what you desire, move the needle over to the majority. That really takes the pressure off, doesn’t it? Easy peasy!

We’re human, we mess up, we make mistakes, we think obsessively at times. It’s ok. When you catch yourself doing that, don’t make it worse by beating yourself up over it. You caught some negative thoughts. Congrats! Now let them go and move into the positive zone. I know that sounds easier said than done, but with practice, you can do it. With practice you can do just about anything!

How Do I Spot the Negative Thoughts?

The first step to change is awareness. First you must be aware of how many negative thoughts you are having. If you’re a linear thinker then you probably like lists. Make a tic mark or keep a list for every time you catch a negative thought. At the end of the day, count them up. Don’t be discouraged if there are a lot. You’re just starting to notice. Now you can make progress.

Or set a timer on your phone for whatever interval you prefer. If you’re in a lot of anxiety or fear check in every five to ten minutes. If you’re not, set it for an hour or two hours. Then reflect back on how many negative thoughts you’ve had.

If you like to categorize, put your thoughts into categories. Was it doubt? Fear? Future scaping (going into the future to worry about its outcome)? Regrets over the past? Going into the future or the past are the two most common causes of anxiety.

If having a schedule to check in is too restrictive for you, then do a spot check sometime whether it’s daily or weekly to get an honest evaluation of your thoughts. In the beginning I would recommend more frequently so you can catch negative thinking early on.

Every time you have a negative thought, hit that delete key in your brain. Poof, it’s gone! Keep hitting that key until you can move the dial over to fifty-one percent. That’s your minimum. If you exceed it, gold star for you!

As I said in the beginning, knowing you don’t have to be perfect or even at eighty percent takes a lot of pressure off. Fifty one percent is doable. You can do this – fifty one percent of the time!