You’re not Crazy!

When you’re waking up to your gifts it can feel like you’re crazy. Did I really hear/see/sense that? Did I imagine that? What just happened?

Or you’re afraid to tell others about it because they’ll think you’re crazy.

Neither of which is true.

Why not?

What’s Crazy?

Let’s address the word “crazy” first. In our 3-dimensional world we operate based on our five senses – seeing, hearing, taste, touch and smell. If you can’t see it, hear it, touch it, taste it or smell it, there is no proof. Therefore, you must be crazy. Crazy meaning “not in your right mind.” That’s how our 3-dimensional world sees things.

Just because you can’t perceive it with your five senses doesn’t mean you’re crazy. It means you’re picking up something without using one of those five senses. That’s the definition of ESP isn’t it, extra-sensory perception? Extra sensory means beyond those five senses.

If you’re “crazy” (which, you’re definitely not!), then how come those premonitions that you got came to be true? Or that vibe you got off of someone proved to be correct? How do you explain that?

It’s Beyond What You Can See

Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It exists beyond what our five senses can perceive. If someone thinks you’re crazy it’s probably because they never experienced things like that. Or maybe they have but they don’t dare talk about it for fear of being labeled crazy too!

If you really want to challenge those people who might think you’re crazy (or yourself), ask them if they ever got a gut feeling. Or a vibe off a person or a situation. Chances are they have. Why do I think they have? Because almost everyone has experienced something like that sometime in their life. They just don’t know what it is. Or they’re afraid of it.

Why are they afraid of it?

Because they don’t understand it.

Fear of the Unknown

Usually when we’re afraid of something it’s because we don’t understand it fully. Whatever knowledge we lack to interpret a situation we make up for in fear. You too may have experienced something “extra-sensory” and been afraid.

I have.

In fact, I have vague memories of seeing things when I was a child. What I saw I don’t recall. Probably because it scared me or because I told someone who told me I was crazy, or both. So, I shut it down. So many people have done the same thing. What we don’t understand, we generally leave alone.

Some people are more curious and explore what they perceived. They might invite the experience back, talk about it fearlessly or google it. Whatever the case may be, some are not afraid. They embrace their gifts and experiences.

Hopefully for those of us who may have had an experience and shut it down out of fear we will pick it back up later in life to gain understanding. Then we learn to accept and embrace it. Once we commit to our gifts, the crazy label loses power.


Are Your Spidey Senses Tingling?

Once you acknowledge that you are picking up things with your spidey senses and spidey senses do indeed exist, then you are embracing the fact that some things exist beyond our five senses. Once you embrace that, there’s no need to feel crazy. You did pick something up and you received validation. How is that crazy?

It’s not.

Historically people were burned, hung or drowned for being a witch. Why? Because they had intuition and used it. It scared or threatened those in power so they persecuted those brave enough to use their gifts. When persecution died down (sorry, no pun intended!), the crazy label came in. If you can’t kill people, you can ostracize them. That was the new weapon of choice. And that’s where we have been for over a hundred years.

Thankfully in the last few decades even the crazy stigma is wearing off. It’s still in use today, but not like it was. If you need proof look at all the metaphysical stores nationwide, psychic fairs, classes, forums, facebook pages etc that discuss this topic. That’s a whole lotta crazy going on as the song says. Except, it’s not crazy. If we’re going to call anyone crazy (I use that word loosely), the real crazy ones are the people that deny they have gifts and intuition.

What’s actually happening is a lot of people are realizing intuition is normal and we all have it. That means you too. Once you accept that you have gifts it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

Besides, once your intuition is in full gear and you’re listening to it, you’ll know who to avoid. Once you no longer hang out with judgmental people (at least as far as intuition is concerned), then it doesn’t matter to you what people think. Because they think like you do. And the ones that don’t…well, they’re not your peeps. They’ll come around one day or they won’t. They are no longer our concern.

Intuition is the Norm, Not the Other Way Around

What’s more important is that you understand that having intuition is part of being human. We all have it. We’re all wired for it. Most people just don’t know that they have it.

Then there are people who deny they have it, like you may have done, because it’s scary or weird or whatever. That’s ok if you were in that group. I was. Nowadays I accept that I have intuition. I accept that sometimes I get what seem like odd messages, but when I listen, they turn out to be right. I accept that when I do readings, I know things about people that I can’t know otherwise. Sometimes it freaks the other person out (in a good way), but I’m used to it.

When you’re no longer scared of having intuition and gifts, then you can remove the crazy label. You’re not crazy. You never were. You just sensed things that other people couldn’t. Because you could and they couldn’t, they figured you had to be crazy. You aren’t.

Instead of thinking you’re crazy, accept that you pick up on things beyond your five senses. Embrace your intuition, don’t fight it. Because guess what happens when you stop fighting it and start using it? It comes in stronger! Instead of it being a whisper, now it’s a roar. You can no longer deny that it’s real.

So, don’t. Embrace it. Accept it. Use it.

Join the club.

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