Intuition in Healing

A quick health update from me. It was time for me to cry “uncle” and go to a shoulder doc to get my shoulder checked out. It was a soft tissue issue as I figured. No meditation or healing method was going to help it. I needed to work it. Since I’ve been doing home PT, guess what? The pain is gone! Now I just have to keep up the home PT probably for good. It’s no big deal, they are easy exercises.

Next on my health list was a cyst on my left wrist. I tried a new healing device on it and it only made it worse and grow larger and more painful (especially when on the keyboard). Again, no natural therapy or alternative healing was going to heal it. So once again, I had to cry “uncle” and go to the doctor to get it aspirated. Now I’m wearing a wrist brace for a few weeks. I can still type but it’s awkward and I make more typos.

There was a third medical condition I’ve been dealing with that I won’t get into now that also made it hard to be on the computer or any device. I’ve been listening to my intuition to guide me. It’s not a cop out to go to the doctor. Sometimes you have to go. Some issues are beyond the scope of alternative healing. At least that’s been my experience. I could mediate all I like & zone out the shoulder pain, but until I started to exercise it properly it wasn’t going to get better. Now the pain is infrequent and low level. When it starts to hurt, I know it’s time to do my exercises!

So, onto the blog post because my own health journey has led me to share with you…

Sometimes we may not be able to heal ourselves, but we can use our intuition to lead us to someone or something that can. Put it out there that you want answers and serendipity will lead you to them. When you find them, verify with your intuition that it’s right.

Or use it to know we have to cry “uncle.” [Boomer reference!] We’ve done all that we can for ourselves, now it’s time for medical intervention. Or alternative healing. Or a new guided meditation. Whatever the case may be.

Sometimes we stay too long with a particular healer or medical practitioner. Even though we know the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over expecting the same results, we keep going. If a practitioner, supplement, medication etc. aren’t helping you, it’s time to move on.

Some of us are “smart” enough or plugged in enough to automatically move on quickly when things aren’t working. (Smart is in quotes because this isn’t about intelligence.)  Some of us, despite our intelligence, keep on going without any good results. That’s when our intuition can kick in and say, “Uh, hello! This isn’t working! Time to move on!” If we’re listening, we’ll heed that advice and discontinue that service. Recently I have done just that as part of my healing journey.

Next Steps

Where to go next you ask?

Use your intuition to figure that out. Maybe it’s a referral from a friend or doctor. Or a new type of therapy or healing meditation. Or a new supplement or essential oil. Rather than doing the spaghetti test (throw cooked pasta on the wall to see if it sticks), aka a random guess, use the best in-house GPS that you have: your intuition. Let it lead you to your next step.

All you need are a series of steps to get you to your final destination. You don’t need the entire course mapped out at once. We think we do, but really, we just need to know if our next step is a right or left turn. This doctor or healer or that.

Who to Pick?

To choose your next doctor, healer etc. read their bios. Look at their photo. Read their reviews. Do all of the logical, normal things to choose one over another. Or use your intuition to decide whether this person is a good fit for you.  Or do a combination of all of the above. Since most doctors don’t give a free consultation appointment, you can spend a lot of money (even if it’s just insurance co-pays) trying out docs. Speed up your process by using your intuition.

Pendulums don’t seem to work for me but if they do for you, ask it if a doctor is right for you. Since they don’t work for me, I look at their photo. Reading their bio is nice, but it often isn’t a great indicator for me since it generally only mentions their professional background. It doesn’t talk about them as a person. That’s what’s important to me assuming they are legit. Their photo often gives off their energy, that’s why I look at it.

For example, when I made the appointment with shoulder doc, the doc I had seen previously retired. They asked me who I wanted to see instead. I wasn’t too concerned about who because I knew it was a simple issue, so I said whoever has an opening. Turns out I really liked him. That may seem like an odd thing to say, but I’m not a western medicine fan so I often don’t care for doctors. Many don’t have great bedside manners and that really turns me off.

Go Until You Can’t Go

In another instance I needed to see a specialist for another condition. There aren’t many of these specialists around so I couldn’t be picky. I had a feeling I wouldn’t like her. Turns out, I really don’t. She’s too rigid and too mainstream for my taste. My intuition was right. For now, I’m still seeing her because it’s not an urgent situation and she may not be necessary much longer.

What do you do when you’re seeing a doctor that you don’t really care for and have limited options for a replacement? If you don’t switch docs, then find work-arounds. For me that means I google what she [this specialist] tells me to see if I agree or can find other information. One thing she told me didn’t feel right so I googled it and turns out I was right, not her. I consult other doctors for alternative options vs just relying on her. Do what feels comfortable to you.

Bottom line in my world is I don’t do everything and anything a western medicine doc recommends that I do unless I agree with it. That’s not true for many people. My parents, like maybe yours too, are old school. They believe every word doctors tell them and do what they recommend. I don’t. I question. I shop around. I google. I know enough to know that I don’t agree with everything they say. Plus, my intuition will kick in if my brain doesn’t and tell me to verify something like I did with the specialist.

The same is true for medications or supplements. If you’re not sure you want to take what’s recommended, check in with your intuition. Use your pendulum. Read up on it. Or do a combination of both. I have to admit, when it comes to health, I use a combination of intuition plus knowledge. I will research and google things, not take it on blind faith. Even then I use my intuition to choose what will for me. Not everything works for everyone.

Learn To Do It

If you recall my earlier blog posts on healing my dog, my intuition was screaming at me that he didn’t have cancer. Turns out I was right! Whether I healed him of it or he never had it, I was right. Listen to that little voice. As long as it’s the intuitive voice, not your fear voice, it’s always right!

Even though I was in professional sales for many years, I’m not an in-your-face salesperson. If you’re not sure how to tell the difference between your fear voice vs your intuition voice, you might want to check out my course on how to develop your intuition. CLICK HERE to find out more

I developed this course because clients like you asked me how I learned to use my intuition and wanted to learn. When I was first asked how I did it, I had to stop and think. Because it was so natural for me, I wasn’t really sure. That doesn’t help you out, so I sat down and broke it down into easy steps.

Follow the steps I outlined in the course. Practice, practice, practice, then trust what you get and you are good to go!  That may sound too simple, but it really is. We all have that connection and that means you!

Once you start using and relying on your intuition more and more, you’ll find that your life flows easier. You’re less stressed out because you have answers. You can use it in all areas of your life, even in something as important as your health. This is not a slam against doctors but I know of many situations personally or otherwise where the doctor was wrong. Doctors aren’t perfect. They are human too. If you go to a doctor and don’t agree with what they said, use your intuition.  I know of instances where people saved a loved one’s life because they listened to their intuition, not the doctor.

P.S. Since I started using my intuition years ago, I’ve made about-face decisions on many people or situations. People I used to respect I no longer feel the same way about because I see them for who they are. Not that they are a bad person, but they aren’t plugged into their intuition. They aren’t the person I thought they were.  Now instead of believing what they say, I take it with a giant grain of salt.

Bottom line is when you use your intuition in all aspects of your life, you see everything and everyone differently. It’s a good thing because now you are on the right track. People you thought that you could trust, maybe you can’t. It’s always good to know who you can really trust. Things like that.

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