What do You Know?

“What do you know?”  During a recent reading a lady’s guides said just that in response to a statement she made. They told me they weren’t being flippant, they said it laughingly. Thankfully she had a good sense of humor and took it the same way.

What the guides were trying to point out is that we all self-sabotage to some extent.  We get in our heads and that’s where the trouble begins. We beat ourselves up, we second guess ourselves, we back-track etc. When we do that, it’s our fear, worries, doubts, anxieties coming up. It’s not truth. It’s that monkey mind chattering in the background, trying to seduce us into thinking it’s the truth. It’s not. Don’t listen to the monkey! Because, really, what do you know?  You in this case being the chattering monkey. The monkey doesn’t really know, he’s just coming up with any and all fears, doubts, etc. throwing you off course.

Stop Listening to the Monkey

Which is what that lady’s guides were telling her.  Don’t get thrown off track by your chattering mind. Plug in to your inner knowing. You have it, I know you do, because we ALL do.

For example – we want to change jobs or careers but we’re not sure we can do it. We listen to that chatter. We think because our mind plants a seed of doubt that we’re not really capable, we’re not good enough, etc., we can’t do it. Says who?  ONLY YOU!

This goes back to several other articles I’ve written so I won’t go down that track again in detail. Bottom line is sometimes a fear is valid. Maybe we really do lack some skills. Get them.

For the most part, fears are just that – fears. What happens if we continue to listen to the chatter or give in to the fears?

Dreams That Never Happen

That’s when dreams don’t come true.

That’s when we hesitate too long and miss a window of opportunity – for the dream house, dream job, dream partner etc. We never take the leap into the next career because we listened to the monkey. And then we sit at our 9-5 job hating every minute of it and wondering when our “big break” will come. Let me tell you a secret: our “big break” doesn’t come unless we make it happen.

The bottom line is being able to discern when it’s the monkey chattering away trying to throw you off track, when it’s a real concern (such as you really do lack the skills to do something) and when it’s your higher-self encouraging or alerting you.

For many of us, we really don’t know. That’s why we consult psychics or therapists or talk it over with a BFF.  That’s perfectly ok.

Learn to Discern

At some point it’s best to learn to discern for yourself. Be honest with yourself. If you really lack skills for something, as I’ve said before, get them. If you’re just afraid you can’t do it, then identify that as a fear and nothing more. If you peel back the layers, you’ll probably notice it’s just an old belief talking. It’s the monkey chattering away, hoping you’ll buy into him this time. The monkey never gives up! He’s a persistent little thing!

So, how DO you know?

When it feels right.

Even if you think you’re making it up, but you want it to come true, so what? We have the power to manifest, so make it come true. If you want that dream job and you keep hearing your little voice telling you that you can have it or encouraging you to apply for that job opening, do it! Go for it! That’s your higher-self telling you that you can get it. THAT’S the voice you want to listen to, not the chattering monkey. Because really, what does he know?

Put the Monkey to Bed

The monkey is on a loop. Meaning, if you notice that little voice in your head it’s probably saying the same messages over and over with a little variation to throw you off track, to keep you hooked. One day the monkey, your old beliefs, may tell you that you can’t do it.  The next day he may tell you that you’re not good enough. Both messages are doing the same thing: discouraging you, holding you back.

Next time you hear those messages tell the monkey you’re not going to listen. Go take a nap, you little rascal! I’m moving on. Then see what your higher-self has to say. Because I’ll bet that message is a lot more positive. It’s the one encouraging you, even if it’s a really faint voice, it’s in there. The more you listen to it, the stronger it gets. The more it drowns out the monkey.

The guides are right, you do know. And you don’t know – when you listen to the monkey.

Put the monkey to bed. And listen to what you know to be true – the encouraging voice that tells you what you really can get – your dream life.